(Advice) So I was thinking about starting my own Forums

I’ve owned the domain www.forumslol.com for the longest time. I’ve had grand aspirations to do something with it too, but never have. Hell, I even purchased a license to vBulletin.

I’ve got a serious chunck of leave comming up and I’m going to have about 2 weeks with nothing to do but catch up on some World of Warcraft (heh).

What I’m asking for is some advice, general or specific, on starting a forum website, but keeping it successful.

I’m looking to eventually, over the course of a few years, gain a steady user base. It would be a general forum, with no specific niche, but it would lean toward the humorous side. (Think All your base are belong to us. ). I have a few friends that are willing to be the first active posters.

The site would be a straight up forum spot - no other content except for discussion. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel or create another Dope. What I am trying to do is create someplace unique, some place to call my own, and someplace that falls in line with my general vision and image of life and the internet in general.