New Forum proposal

I think we should have a new forum here of read-only threads posted strictly by Moderators and Administrators. It could have useful information that stayed up instead of falling off into the abyss after a couple days like manhattans “Notes on GQ” thread. Regular members would be unable to post to the threads. There’s countless times when someone asks some question that pretty much all the “veterans” and mods know and that person could just be linked over to a read-only thread on the subject. You could also put up a thread in memory and recognition of WallyM7 so that someone doesn’t have to ask about him every few weeks and the whole story be brought up again (I know it still hurts for alot of people). I think it should be called ‘The Library’. What do you guys think?

There is already announcements at the top of each forum page, and that is read only. There is also “About this message board” where one can ask questions. As far as personal stuff that most of the regulars know, I’m not sure if you really need a forum just to let everyone in on it.

I think that 70% of questions would be answered if people just browsed through a few pages of “About this message board” before they started posting.