Advocacy group wants to do away with Ronald McDonald.

Here’s the story.

I’m no defender of McDonald’s corporate practices (though I do have a weakness for their double cheeseburgers), but I did get a good chuckle and am partially in agreement with the guy who said the following:

Anyway check out the story, if for no other reason than to see the comments section, which has some pretty funny remarks in it.

Poor Ronald. I liked that line that you quoted.

I mean, I get that McD’s isn’t good. But he hardly seems as bad as Joe Camel.

This is so dumb. If they get rid of Ronald, they also will need to give the boot to Jack of Jack in the Box, the Burger King, Chuck E. Cheese, Chester Cheeto, the Keebler elves, and all other fun-type mascots. How silly.

The cereal world will be devastated. Goodbye Lucky. Goodbye Bee. Goodbye Sugar Bear. Goodbye Captain Crunch.

Eh, yeah… my parents are still paying off that loan they took out to pay for the 100,000 happy meals I demanded as a lad…

and what a scam it is too- they take $5 from you, and all you get is a meal.

Never eat there, btw, but pretty dumb stuff.

They can take Ronald McDonald when they pry him from my cold, dead hands!


Ronald nooooooo!!

Wait, they are upset that a company that has products for children is marketing to children with a child-friendly mascot? Some people are absolute idiots.

Do kids even really pay that much attention to Ronald McDonald anymore? Sure, he’s around, but from I’ve seen, most of McDonald’s marketing to kids includes the toys they get in the happy meals, which are usually from some new movie. I don’t go to McDonald’s often, but I can’t even remember the last time I actually saw any sign of the clown.

Plus, they’d have to change the names of all the Ronald McDonald Houses!

You know, I kind of envy people in advocacy groups like this one. It must be nice to have a life so devoid of all meaning and real problems that you can spend your time trying to get a corporation to abandon its clown mascot. I wonder that that’s like? To not have to worry or think about real issues? I suppose ignorance is indeed bliss in some ways…

Happy meal

Feel the same way, BrandonR. Plus I do get the whole, “OBESITY IS BAD” because…well, obesity IS bad. But sometimes I think we go a little too far. Let’s not demonize it, you know? Ronald McDonald isn’t the mascot equivalent of some guy in a white van.

I don’t care about the rest of them, but the Burger King needs to go. He’s creepy.

I heartily agree.

I think the Ronald hate stems from aversion to clowns, let’s face it it’s clown bigotry. Don’t be hatin’.

I can’t get behind the “AHH FAT KIDS, KILL RONALD” mentality. But I can get behind the anti clownism. It’s NOT bigotry. Don’t compare it to bigotry! I don’t hate the person. I hate the act. Clowning. Miming. Applying ridiculous make up. The wearing of huge shoes. Forced entry into tiny cars. ABOMINATION!

Some schools, particularly my son’s, hold “teacher nights” at McD’s where a lot of teachers, parents, and kids come to socialize and sell things, and Ronald does come to those things. Last time we went to one, I think he saw my son staring at him (he’s 11 and I do teach him not to stare but you know, it was a clown), and he came up and greeted him. So cute how his little face gets all red, and I don’t mean the clown! Plus he promotes his house, which we’ve had to avail ourselves of, so I don’t think they should fire him. Ronald McDonald needs a job, too.

Let’s see ------ we nailed Joe Camel and most of the various Native American mascots. So now its “clown time”.

Why am I not totally surprised by all this?

I’ve known some clowns [sub]I’ve been a clown[/sub], clowns are just people, some good some bad. Nothing to fear, no reason to hate.
Now Mimes, that’s different, shudder hate all you want.

They need to retire this belligerant clown. I gained 10 pounds 'cause everytime I walk past McDonalds he rushes out and forces me to buy food there. I don’t want to do it, but he either pulls a glock on me or puts me in a headlock and forces me to the line to order.

And he exerts too powerful influence over parents. This clown actually has the power to inhibit the parent from saying “no,” when their child asks for something associated with him.

He’s evil I tells you, EEEE-VEL

Don’t worry, I talked to the Burger King and we’ve formed a revolutionary cell that will overthrow the evil clown.