Afghan man faces death after leaving Islam for Christianity

Yes, if we can only foster democracy in the Middle East, peace will reign forever and ever:

President Bush says he is “troubled” by this case, yet we see no outrage on the part of Chrisitian fundamentalists. Perhaps they are still too busy fighting the War on Christmas

Why are you looking for a response from “Chrisitian fundamentalists”? There’s been all kind of public and private diplomatic pressure. The US, UK, Australia, the Germans & Italians aren’t even being that subtle. No reason to make this into a them vs. them argument - even though the your premise about lack of outrage from Christian fundementalists is wrong (see statements by the FRC, AFA & CWA).

The Islamic Taliban militias who still control entire areas of the country issued a statement in June 2004 in which they referred to a death sentence handed down to an Afghan converted to Christianity, Moulawi Asad Allah."
Rome, 22 March "Their spokesman declared that a group of militants had dragged the convert from his home and decapitated him after finding Christian preaching material in his wardrobe.

“Unfortunately, in terms of religious freedom Afghanistan has not changed much since the fall of the Taliban” . “The problem is that president Hamad Karzai wanted a modern constitution but with Islamic dressing, as he knew he was in one of the most traditional countries of the Islamic world.”

"Karzai tried to reconcile Islamic Sharia law with universal human values, succeeding in some areas, such as the introduction of a womens’ quota in parliament, but failing in others.

“In Afghanistan only freedom of worship if guaranteed - not freedom of religion”

I believe Islam has always tended to treat apostates with extreme, if not fatal prejudice.

Did anyone think that this would change just because people in a conservative islamic culture got to vote?

Some extreme Christian right movements advocate similar for non-believers and Christian apostates and heretics: Check out Dominionism some time (aka Christian Reconstructionism).

Leave it to the SDMB’s looney left to knee-jerk fault to Bush and the Christian right. I actually giggled out loud at the absurdity. Thanks, Fear.

How do you feel about that fact that Bush has installed and continues to support a government which kills people who convert to Christianity? Please try to pull your head out its normal location deep in your ass and try to comprehend the issue for once.

In medieval Europe, there actually were laws mandating the death penalty for apostates from Christianity.

It’s one more thing that makes me glad I live when and where I do :eek:

Oh, and to the people who think this guy should be executed for converting from Islam, and to anyone who thinks I should be punished by the law somehow for leaving Christianity:


Actually, Islam was at one time much more tolerant than Christianity. Seems like these extreme measures are new.

That gov’t wasn’t “installed” by Bush. It was elected by the people of Afghanistan. And they haven’t executed anyone for converting to Christianity yet. I’d be wiling to wager that they won’t, either.

Oh, and can we have a cite that Dominionists extole execution for non-Christians? Not that I want to defend those whack-os, but I don’t believe they’re that whacky. And what can be “similar” to execution?

They don’t just want to kill non-Christians but even liberal Christians.

So now Bush needs to abandon Karzai because stupidity happens in that country? Itching to pit him over his abandonment of Afghanistan again? Don’t make it look like Bush supports such actions or installed the idiocy that makes it happen. What you apparently failed to comprehend is that Afghanistan is nothing like the Podunk town you grew up in. It has been a war-torn, backward, fundamentalist country for generations. How about Bush keep pressure on the country to change its backward ideals than cut and run when your tulips get wilted over something, dipshit?

Hey, I can write a “cite” like that and put it up on the internet. Got an original source from the Dominionists saying this or a cite from a mainstream news organization?

Again, I know these guys are whacky, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they advocated extreme punishment for things like homosexual acts. But exectution of non-Dominionists (or those who don’t practice their from of Christianity)… I need to see an objective cite before I believe that.

Umm, actually there is outrage from the fundie side. See They have an article, a petition etc. There was a big write up on it in the LA Times today with reference to the Family Research Council raising a fuss about it etc. Maybe you just don’t read the right fundie sites. :wink: I read them mostly for entertainment value, plus it gives me a chance to find out what’s on the gay agenda. Which I STILL don’t have a copy of. ::grumble::

What’s wrong with the Religious Tolerance site? That’s generally been accepted around here. Each entry is written by people who belong to that particular denomination.

Our President sure threw around the terms “freedom” and “liberty” enough to create the impression that there would be an American style democracy in Afghanistan. Read some of this glurge:

I suppose it is our oversight to miss the fine print:

*religious fredom not included

It was, but even at that point, conversion from Islam was generally punishable by death.

They are? Why does the guy in this artilce use “they” instead of “we” when describing that sect?

You got a cite for that? As far as I know, the entries on that site are written by the maintainers of the site.

I gotta say, I have no idea quite what the point of the OP is, aside from the obvious (and universally agreed-upon by SDMB-ers of all stripes) observation that Sharia law is a Bad Thing? I don’t see what us-centric political tweaking can come of this in either direction… I’d like to be snide and say that if the US weren’t in Iraq things would be better in Afghanistan, and that’s probably true in many ways, but I see no reason to think that this type of situation would be any different.

Here’s a Salon piece which has some info on the founder of the movement, R.J Rushdoony.