More Muslim Marvelousnous

Ah, what do you do when a 40-year-old uncle rapes his 14-year-old niece? If you guessed, “the next day she gets whipped until she dies”, then you might have a feel for Islam.

Here you go. Unbelievable. What barbarians. No, what monsters.

Yet, their might be a bright side. The court actually thinks something might be wrong here and are looking into it. We’ll see.

Can I play, too?

Remember the time the Catholic priests molested kids and it got swept under the rug? Well, guess you’ve got your feel for Christianity on now.

The good news is that you don’t get any dumber when you’re drunk.

The bad news is your spelling is atrocious.

It’s not cool to talk about Muslims! Oh my god what is wrong with you, ya racist!

No really, after the video I saw the other day of a child being publicly whipped for running away from her new husband I’m pretty disgusted by the people who let religion rule their lives. Whether it’s in their books or their holy founders would have approved or not, they are doing this because some of their religious leaders say it’s the right thing to do. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian or Jew or Muslim or Hindu. It’s the nature of religion to have a few in power dictate how other people should live, and dictate it to the point where they think beating people to death for moral crimes is the right thing to do.

The difference is that the Catholic Church hid what was going on. They knew it was wrong(and they were wrong to hide it) as compared to this sort of situation that’s out in the open and even approved by some.

I see what you did there.

New SDMB record! It only took one post to equate Christianity with Islam.

Well done.

Yeah, hypocrisy will always beat self-rigtheousness on the moral battleground.

Just pointing out that it’s silly to act as though Islam represents some cultural evil when it’s a pretty universal human trait. We might as well just pit the whole human race–it would be faster in the long run.

Ahh, how nice. The PC crowd seeks to protect the hideous from scrutiny and ridicule by deflection and give them cover by pointing to other atrocities.

I’m sure that little girl would appreciate your actions, you disgusting pieces of shit. First she gets raped. Then is told she is the guilty one and whipped until she passes out and dies. And when it’s one the table to condemn the doctrine that did that to her, you sweep her under the rug. What did that little girl do to deserve to be treated like she was, and is? But no, don’t stand for her, come to the defense of the contorted doctrine that raped and killed her on back-to-back days.

But am I surprised? Here on the Dope? Not in the least. Keep up the good work, you sacks of shit.

As pointless as it is to try and reason with an obtuse shitstain like yourself, I don’t see anybody defending what was done to that girl. Just pointing out that blaming the entirety of the Islam religion for what some extremists do is like blaming Lutherans and Baptists and Methodists for the molestation of Catholic schoolboys.

You’re a sad little man to go searching for crap like this. I hope it fills your days nicely for you.

It took one post to equate religion as a whole to a cancer upon society. :wink:

What’s absurd about equating Islam and Christianity?

Both pray to the same God, believe Jesus was the Mesiah, believe that he was born form a virgin, and that he will return on the Day of Judgement to battle the anti-Christ.

You should read this Cracked article. Fight ignorance and all that.

Well, yeah, but the important part is that Jesus had freckles.

I certainly hope no one hear decides to condemn all Christians whenever they hear of “witches” being murdered in parts of Christian Africa.

Just to be clear, OP, you think ALL Muslims in the world are barbarians and monsters?

I have an urgent need to know, my Congressman, Keith Ellison, is a Muslim. Sure, he appears normal, like a Lutheran with a good tan, but if he’s seething with jihadist hatred, I need to know.

Not exactly the same thing as forgiving the rapist and executing
the (minor child) victim, is it?