AFI: You officially SUCK!

Really? AFI’s 10 Top 10, broken down into genre? And in the Sci-Fi category, you mention Big, Terminator 2, and Groundhog Day…but no Star Trek: Wrath of Khan? What exactly are you smoking?

:mad: :mad: :mad:

I didn’t bother watching when I saw them promoting Shrek as one of the top ten animated films.

Yeah, Snow White was number one. I get that it won an Oscar, and it was cutting edge for its time…but jeez. Number one animated film of all time? :dubious:

This isn’t the first time Star Trek has been dissed…I think they were left out of the 100 Greatest Movie Quotes, even as a nomination. I smell conspiracy! (And no, I don’t care that much. But *Star Trek *deserves mention, dammit!)

Big the Tom Hanks movie?
Science fiction?

Is there a link?

It’s the highest grossing comedy of all time. It probably deserves to be on the list.


Why the HELL was The Magnificent Seven not even on the LIST for Westerns???




Big is listed as fantasy, not sci-fi, which I think makes sense. Sci-Fi would not make sense at all.

Where was Bringing up Baby?

How is Back to the Future science fiction? I’d peg that as fantasy, but maybe that’s just me.

To the OP: Wrath of Khan? Really? It was a good movie, but pretty darned formulaic as science fiction.

Doc Brown was a scientist who used fictional science to create a fictional time machine.

I can’t see why anyone would think a Star Trek movie, even the best of them, would ever be considered one of the top ten of all time.

I find the fact that you would exclude BTTF from “science fiction” while including Star Trek in the same category to be illogical.

I’d think it was fantasy for the same reason Peggy Sue Got Married was fantasy. Or Its a Wonderful Life, for that matter. But, like I said, that’s probably just me.


Well, to my way of thinking, Peggy Sue went back magically with no explanation. And George Bailey’s going backwards and to alternate realities is also fantastical. The reason for going back and forth in time in BTTF is due to science…albeit really, really bad science, but science nonetheless.

I wonder if I don’t know what an epic is. I thought an epic had to span a long stretch of time - generations, even. The action in Titanic takes place in the course of a single boat trip - not even a complete trip. How is that an epic?

Sure, that’s perfectly valid. I’d postulate in turn that Science Fiction is about the future, not a fantastical past. Having said that, someone will probably slap me with a well-justified trout containing non-future Sci-Fi examples. Slap away! And before I get slapped with H.G. Wells, I’ll point out that The Time Traveller was mostly about the narrator’s future.

No list of horror films?

Well, it pretty much MADE the genre. I think it’s debatable whether we’d have major animated films at all, or even Disney as a company, had Snow White never existed, or been a flop.