Afraid Of Heights? Then Don't Watch This Video Link

Here is a link to a guy climbing a tower to switch out the light at the top. (It starts off sort of like a cartoon - but then it goes to a real guy filming his climb up a real tower.)

As he climbs, you think - wow, it can’t get any worse. But then he goes higher and higher, and the method of climbing gets a bit trickier and trickier…all the while he is shlepping his tools in a case behind him.

I don’t think there is enough money in the world for me to take that climb.

I tried to watch. I chickened out.

“So, what did you do today?” – “Oh, just changed a lightbulb…”

Seriously, it took quite an effort just to make me watch the video, I can’t imagine doing a climb like this. Though at one point, he says, when a storm appears to be brewing, “there’s no quick way down”. But the real problem is the fact that one is, actually, quite readily available…

I forced myself to watch the whole thing, but holy crap, my hands were totally sweaty and I had to look away a few times. The bobbing of the camera on his helmet didn’t help matters any. The free climbing, especially the transitions over things… there’s absolutely no way I could do that.

About 5 seconds in I thought, I’d do it…for a million dollars.

About 10 seconds in I thought, wait, no I wouldn’t.

I would probably fumble with the light bulb as I went to change it and drop it. Doh!

I’ve often wondered about that type of job. I always figured it was be uber-safe, as in … oh, I don’t know … safety harnesses at the very least.

Holy shit, that’s gotta take some balls.

Ho Lee Shee It! That dude should be wearing a parachute!

That’s what I was thinking. Looks like a great spot to start some paragliding. It’d make the descent a bit more enjoyable and under the right conditions you could probably just land in your own back yard.

Not for all the tea in China.

I’ve considered skydiving (but I’m too heavy) so that video didn’t really scare me. If I had a safety harness it would be kind of fun. I could see a base jumper jumping off one of those.

My big fear would be my hand slipping out of my glove, or my toolbag getting caught on one of the steps below me and knocking me off balance.

Hey, it looks like fun to me!
Once you are above a certain height, it doesn’t get any worse…A fall from a 1700 foot tower, or a fall from the roof of a 4 storey building end in the same result. But the view is better!

Seriously. It’s similar to the sport of rock climbing, except that he has firm support under his shoes all the way, with evenly spaced steps to stand on, and evenly spaced handgrips.

But there is something that scares me a lot—and it’s not the height. It’s the fact the for almost all of the video, he is NOT using a safety harness. He only attaches the saftey hook occasionally, when he needs a rest for a few seconds.
And when he gets to the stop to start working, he doesn’t even bother to attach the safety hook–he just hangs on by one hand , and uses the other hand to grab his tools or whatever.
And ,yeah, I’d wear a parachute.

Falling from 1700’ gives you more time to think about it though.:frowning:

If this video scared you, please don’t look at any videos of free climbing up rock faces by Honnold or someone. That stuff is actually scary. This is silly by comparison. They took an elevator to 1600 ft and then climbed the last 100 or so on a ladder. Almost anyone who is even moderately physically fit could do it.

There is a reason I’m called Spiderman; it’s for climbing (but not nearly that high unfortunately) & I’ve been at that height in a balloon countless times so, yeah, I’d do it. In a heartbeat! Where do I sign up?

I like how the OSHA rules allow them to free climb but (presumably) require them to wear a helmet. If you slip & land headfirst, your skull won’t be split open even though your eyeballs are now staring straight ahead…at your intestines. :eek:

Unless they have a morbid fear of heights like I do. I got through some of the video, up to where he started free climbing, then started getting that funny feeling in my nether parts like my dick wanted to retract up to my lungs. Had to shut it off.

between 7:15 and 7:30, it looks like he’s attaching it.

I could never do it, but I love watching videos like this.

The climb doesn’t look that difficult. Getting back down, on the other hand…

I wonder how much those guys get paid.

Yeah, it’s the rock free climbing stuff that really gets me. Going up a ladder with safety harnesses (even though this guy isn’t using them often) doesn’t seem so bad to me.

That said, plenty of these workers die each year, so it is fraught with risk if you don’t pay attention to safety equipment.

I’m pretty sure they get paid according to how high they have to go. Someone going up to 1700 feet would make more money than someone climbing to 500 feet. A premium on top of union wage, in other words.