"Africa" by Toto

“Africa” by Toto

Covered by Weezer featuring Weird Al Yankovic

Covered by PostModern Jukebox featuring Casey Abrams and Snuffy Walden

Covered by Robyn Adele Anderson featuring Carolyn Miller and Jen Kipley

Covered by Leo Moracchioli featuring Rabea & Hannah

Covered by Jonathan Young featuring Caleb Hyles and RichaadEB

Covered by the Novelists

Covered by Chaos Divine

Covered by Frog Leap

Covered by Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

Covered by Tyler Ward and Lisa Cimorelli

Covered by the Angel City Chorale

Covered by Perpetuum Jazzile

Covered by Acoustik

Covered by Jared Halley

Covered by Bailey Pelkman

Covered by Dan Vasc

Covered by Valtteri Nieminen

Covered by Denis Potenza and a group of Italian artists

Covered by the Brooklyn Duo featuring the Dover Quartet as an instrumental on piano and strings

Covered by Peter Bence as an instrumental on piano

Covered by Pupsi as an instrumental on two sweet potatoes and a butternut squash

The original by Toto. With home videos by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

The original by Toto. Edited so all the lyrics are in alphabetical order.

The original by Toto. Edited so the vocals are out of key and off the beat.

Why would anything think the last two were even worth doing? Who likes that crap? Kids these days,

And Dax and Kristin are too fucking twee for their own good. Plus, they can’t even get the words right lip syncing.

Also amusingly spoofed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fe11OlMiz8

I’m not a metal guy, but this guy (Leo/Frog Leap Studios) does amazing metal covers. Toto is pretty mild as far as metal goes, which is probably why it got so popular.
Here’s his version, check out the rest of his stuff too. If you like that girl, she’s in his Sultans Of Swing video as well.

ETA, I see you already have it, not sure how I missed that. Probably just my excitement to mention it again.

MAN, I wish youtube wasn’t blocked at work!

There’s the literal version as well which has lyrics based on the music video. Unfortunately, it looks like the video got taken down due to copyright reasons (you’d think this could fall under parody). The song without the video is below:

Abed, Betty White & Troy on Community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhR_JOmSVLA

Malinda singing a cover where all the lyrics were run through Google Translate

There should be a “Toto” by Africa video. Shows members of the Maasai re-enacting every scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy calls for her dog.

The Denis Potenza version is phenomenal. I think better than the original.

A favorite: In Gaelic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB7-5_FiZeU

Here’s a Minecraft parody my 9-year-old son introduced me to.
Mcap (Mine Craft Awesome Parody’s (Minecraft is not spelled correctly) was a nine-year-old child who dodkt have the greatest voice, but is very well known and loved. Mostly for sticking it out there. His most famous song is Mine Diamonds. (Parody of Take on me).

Here’s a screaming metal style vocal over the original music.

(Thanks again to Li’l Map)

Eh, the left sweet potato needed tuning…

(kidding, it was awesome!)

Oh man, thanks for introducing me to the funniest YouTube channel since Bad Lip Reading.

Hmmmm. Wikipedia lists bands named Asia, America, and Europe. But none named Africa or Australia.

I opened the thread to post this, but got scooped!

Check it out, it is to laugh!!

I saw a good live performance of “Africa” in 2016 by Eoto, a side project of some of the String Cheese Incident members. Unfortunately I can’t find a recording. I think it’s partly because all the search engines insist on thinking that “Eoto” is a misspelling of “Toto”.

Actually, the woman who plays with Leo on Sultans of Swing is Mary Spender.

Mary is damn good on her own, too.

Quite nice, but I would still prefer it to be sung in the original Italian.