After being mayor, the obvious next step up is to join Herbal Life...??

How could this not be an Onion article. Wasn’t Villaraigosa supposed to have higher political ambitions? How on earth is this going to help with that?

Many politicians consult for businesses, I don’t see this as much different. And yeah, I thought he was gunning for higher office, I think I heard a rumor of a governor’s run a while ago, but he’s got a couple of recent scandals that I think he’s hoping will be forgotten

Eh. Wake me when Bob Filner releases a sex tape.

Its a pyramid scheme barely keeping itself from being declared legal. Its also been criticized for unfairly targeting poor Latinos to be salesmen or network marketers or whatever they call them. Its much different than being picked to be on the board of Microsoft.

I heard on the radio yesterday what Loach mentions. Since their clients or customers or whatever are mostly latino he’s a good pick. He has some celebrity and is a latino himself so I guess HL is hoping he can bring some credibilty and trust between the business and the latinos they target.

His political ambitions in California are pretty much necessarily on hold for a while because of the logjam in higher offices- Barbara Boxer was reelected to the Senate in 2010, as was Dianne Feinstein in 2012. Neither is going anywhere soon if they don’t want to. But it’s likely he prefers to be governor, and his future there is dictated by whether Jerry Brown decides to run for reelection in 2014. I recently read Brown has something like 200 times the war chest of the closest Republican competitor. So that math makes it look like Villaraigosa has about 5 years of slumming it with Herbalife and whatever other deep-pocketed corporations come after. In the meantime, he probably figures the fallout he gets from the Latino community will be minimal compared to the insane amount of money Herbalife must be giving him to associate his name with theirs.