Carly Fiorina announces presidential campaign


The former CEO of HP is not shy. “I think I’m the best person for the job because I understand how the economy actually works.” If she were to run the country like she ran HP, we’d be in trouble.

Not a chance in hell. Bad candidate who lost the only race she ran for. The fact that her announcing (and Carson’s announcing) is news just shows, IMO, how weak the Republican field is – not due to the candidates (not that any of them seem like decent general election candidates), but due to the crapfest clowncar race that is/will be the Republican primary.

Running just to feed her massive ego. She’s a good bet for the first out pool, but nothing more.

Just another face in the crowd.

Just another Republican “we gotta run a woman, too” from one of those binders. Not a serious contender.

Great. We’d have to replace our congressmen every few months, and the entire congress every year, once the senators got all the works gunked up.

Actually, that sounds like a good idea…

We cannot have a President named Carly. -_-

Can’t wait to see blustery responses to “But you were forced to resign after trashing the company” questions.

Nah, she’ll just lay them all off.

Who does she appeal to? Business types really criticize her tenure at HP. She got fired from HP 10 years ago and, as far as I can tell, she has occupied herself mainly by sitting on a few boards of directors and being an RNC shill since then. Honest question – has she done much else lately? Working class voters are not going to love her history of mass layoffs and outsourcing (one of my favorite jabs at Romney was, “He looks like the guy who laid off your dad.” Pretty much the same with Fiorina.) Does she have a lot of social conservative cred? A quick googling turns up that she parrots some typical Republican talking points like “simplifying” the tax code and “helping small businesses”. But I think a lot of the people who would support those ideas are the same people who think she was a terrible CEO. So, who’s her base?

Shouldn’t anyone claiming they can translate their business experience over into politics at least have to have been a success in business?

Her base would have to be, fiscal conservatives, who don’t actually know much about business or economics, rather rely on “common sense” ideas (flat taxes mean lower taxes for everyone; government debt is just like credit card debt only bigger; running the government is just like running a business.) They will just see business person good, politician bad, and not care bout the details.

Unfortunately for her, most of those people are already on the Rand Paul bandwagon.

I keep thinking of Carly Rae Jepsen whenever Carly Fiorina is mentioned. Earlier today I saw an article about how somebody who hates Carly Fiorina got or .net or whatever and posted anti-Carly stuff. I was astonished. Who could hate the cute “Call Me Maybe” girl?

Fiorina is a woman of actual accomplishment.

The real way for a woman to gain the presidency is her ability to marry a bulbous nosed pervert.

Like what?

The Republican candidates (so far) would be so awful for America that I would vote for Hillary over them even if she was never a Senator nor Secretary of State.

Yea, even just as a vanity project to try and re-establish her reputation, this seems like a weird move. All its going to do is have the press rehashing her failures at HP and how delusional she is to be running. And as far as helping her cause, having her in the debates is just going to enhance the image of the GOP as the plaything of wealthy cranks.

Both she and the GOP would be better off if she found some nice charity or something to throw her money at.

Carly, the putative “Tech savy” candidate forgot to register her domain name.

Someone owns it and has decorated it with 30,000 sad faced emoticons. One for every person she laid off while at HP.

It’s a total vanity candidacy meant to enlarge her preposterously large ego.

Let me just say this about Fiorina: She will NOT get the HP vote. There are people in my family who worked for HP during her tenure & were therefore directly affected by her dimwitted decisions as CEO. These folks range from hardcore members of the GOP base to Tea Party devotees, and they all passionately HATE her.

So, I don’t know who the Hell she’ll appeal to, but it won’t be to the HP crowd.

That’s quite an impressive range there.

What’s her campaign slogan-- I ruined HP and now I want to ruin America?