After malware check, my bookmarks don't respond

After doing a Malwarebytes malware check, my bookmarks don’t work.

I click on them and they highlight, but that’s all. The websites don’t come up.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I’m XP, Firefox.


XP is obsolete was the answer I got to several questions a few months ago.

I responded here to bump you problem and to suggest you may want to start thinking about a new machine.

Firefox backs up your bookmarks every day, perhaps you could restore from an earlier date? I’m using ver 14.01; to get to the bookmark backups:
Click the Firefox dropdown, select Bookmarks, show all bookmarks. Click the import and backup button, then Restore. You should see a list of dates, pick a likely one and restore.
Something else may be going on so restore may not fix the problem but it’s quick, easy, and free to try.

If you create a new one, does it work?

After restarting the computer a few times, the bookmarks “work”’

Thanks for your replies!