After the election will Republicans be moving to Alaska

Working on the theory that the current trends remain solid through the election and Obama wins, will “the base” or maybe more than the base decide that Alaskie is the place to be and thus cause a major influx in population for the 49th state?

After all, Palin has become the poster child of the far right. In addition, the state has gotten a great deal of press since Palin has come on the scene. Probably the idea of secession is sounding (which has gotten a bit of press because of Palin’s husband) good to a number of people on the far right riow. All this put together is Alaska on the verge of a population boom?

Shouldn’t this be in Really Pathetically Mindless, No I Mean Really Mindless, Like Incredibly Mindless Stuff I Must Share (RPMNIMRMLIMSIMS)?

Only when Obama sits in the rebuilt Temple, declares himself God & enforces the Mark.


If Obama wins, approximately the same number of Republicans will move to Alaska as Democrats that moved to Canada in 2004.

Didn’t you hear that this is one of the Rapture states? When end times comes, this is one of the designated states where people will be saved. Seriously, this is what her nutjob pastor preaches.

Since most of the Republicans are in the South, maybe the rest of them should all move there. Then, they could form their own country.

Oh wait, that’s been tried before…

And it would have worked, too! If it weren’t for those pesky kids and thier dog!

If they are moving, I have about half a state worth I will be willing to send along.

Maybe if Todd Palin succeeds in secceeding? (seceeding? seceding?)

Well, that would apparently add up to at least several thousand (if you mean those who moved on account of the 2004 elections, rather than literally “in calendar year 2004”).

That wouldn’t be much in a state with 670+ thousand residents, but it wouldn’t be statistically undetectable either.


mumble mumble Maverick! mumble mumble Ronald Reagan! mumble mumble <wink> Shout out! mumble mumble Get back to ya! mumble mumble Hockey Mom! mumble mumble Joe Sixpack! mumble mumble Main Street! mumble mumble Drill, baby, drill! mumble mumble Maverick!

Ironically, people who believe in that have determined that John Sidney McCain III fits the profile of the Antichrist. Cite.

Perhaps, perhaps not. A googling of “respected Bible scholar David Jenkins” and “the True Bible Society” only reveals either duplicate postings on The Nation article or comments on it, with one site suggesting that the dead-ends one comes to when trying to find anything else about them indicates a hoax.

A pretty good hoax, I admit, the Romanian/McCain/Mihail-Michael connection is quite inventive.

They could double the population of Wasilla

More likely blame her for the loss.

"It’s all that woman’s fault! Saint John-The-Shot-Down would have won if it wasn’t for that woman!