What will happen to Palin when she goes home to AK on Nov. 5?

I have been getting the feeling that Governor Palin’s antics are not going over very well in Alaska. I can’t name any specific thing that makes me think this, just a feeling I have gotten from a number of articles by and interviews with Alaskans I have seen. She has been perpetually absent from Alaska and apparently completely out of touch; her Lt. Governor stated that she has had very little contact with him, and since her email account was hacked, none at all. I’ve also seen reports that McCain’s monkeys are basically running the state government and really pushing a lot of people around. Plus, the stalling on Troopergate does not seem to be playing well; apparently this fired official is pretty popular, and McCain’s people may have broken laws by telling people to ignore subpoenas. Finally, I get the sense that Alaskans are embarrassed that they elected this buffoon who is now making them look like morons.

Does anybody else get this feeling? When Palin loses the election and goes back home, what do you think is in store for her? Does Alaska allow recalls? I must admit that the prospect of her administration going down in flames is somewhat appealing, in a watch-the-train-wreck-in-slow-motion kind of way.

My impression is that the McCain goons coming in to intimidate witnesses is especially rankling to Alaskans. Even the state Republican party is somewhat irritated by it…they may be Republicans, but they’re Alaskan Republicans, and don’t necessarily snap their heels when DC says “Attention!”

Palin’s personal style, even without the McCain goons, has set some fellow Republicans aback, though. The state senator from the very town of which she was mayor was the deciding vote to begin an investigation of Troopergate (the Legislative Council has 3 Republican and 2 Democratic members…the vote for investigation was the 2 Democrats and the Wassila Republican). The Republican president of the Alaskan Senate is a personal enemy of Palin, both before and especially after she spent some time with a local morning DJ on the air cracking cancer jokes about her (she’s a survivor of cancer).

IMO, it’s a tossup on whether Alaskans are thinking, “We have the dirt on her and could prevent her from becoming Vice-President (or, God forbid, President)” or “Y’know, if she becomes Vice-President, it would get her out of our hair for at least 4 years”.

If I’m lucky, I’ll never hear about her again unless its a comedy sketch on Nov. 5th.

No, I have this recurring fantasy about watching her do the perp walk with her blazer pulled up over her head.

Whatever happens to her after the election, rest assured that the media will be covering it like cheese on a pizza.

Moose have long memories, and they hold grudges.

Frankly, no. I think you are mistaking the frantic hatred for her on the SDMB, the mainstream media, and the Washington establishment, for mainstream thought.

It may be due to the Pauline Kael phenomenon, where one shuts oneself off from anyone who disagrees and then declare a consensus.

McCain-Palin may still lose, certainly. And it may even be in part because she has been so viciously attacked by the Usual Suspects. But it is tricky to draw inferences about what will happen to Palin afterwards from the venom directed at her before.


State Rep Seeks Witness-Tampering Probe In Palin Inquiry

She won’t be staying long. They’ll want her to fly back straight away to Washington to take up her VP duties.



An elected VP wouldn’t take over until Jan 20, 2009. I guess you are suggesting that McCain/Palin would attempt a coup on Nov 5th.

I have a feeling that’s the only way she ends up as VP.

Yeah, in the event Americans put lipstick on the, um, ballot, there’ll be loads of extra pork opportunities for her to pursue, so that Alaskans can remain independent.

And Ted Stevens will appreciate visitors in the federal pen.

The only one who’s getting shut off from anyone who disagrees with them is the McCain administration.

How awesome would it be if Alaskans sent a clear message to Mrs. Palin by giving their electoral votes to Barack Obama on November 4th? :smiley:

IIRC, when the legislature re-convenes in January they can bring contempt charges for all the ignored Troopergate subpoenas. That might not be pretty.

I dunno…what’s the process for choosing a new governor in Alaska when the current one is on the winning Presidential ticket?

Why is this even a great debate? It’s, seemingly, just another circle jerk of Obama faithful projecting their wishful thinking at this point. Oh, I agree, McCain may lose and Palin may have to go back to Alaska…but so what?

I’m telling you guys, you are reinforcing each others expectations in a complete feedback loop at this point. It’s like the worst parts of the Bush/Kerry election last year…but ramped up even more. I think if Obama loses the implosion is going to be truly breathtaking…and after months of this crap I think the sick feeling of having McCain in office is going to be nearly overshadowed (at least initially) by the schadenfreude…


Oh, I don’t know about that.

The OP’s impression is that her administration is going to go down in flames. The actual people of Alaska approve of her by rather more than two thirds.

And yet we get this clamoring chorus of agreement that she is about to be arrested and everyone else hates her as much as they do and Alaska is going to go blue, just to show her.

If I didn’t know better, I might think there was a teensy bit of projection mixed up well with a good big dose of wishful thinking.

I could be wrong, just like there could have been a Kerry landslide in 2004. Only, not.


Y’all don’t seriously think she’s going back to Alaska, regardless of what happens? She’s hit the big time, she’s on the national stage. She’s like Lonesome Rhodes waving from the train on his way out of Pickett.

Oh, so your argument is that they don’t hate her enough, yet?

Hey, whatever gets you through the night, I guess. I guess a 13% increase in disapproval in just over three weeks isn’t significant enough.