Again, what's this gun?

Our favorite honeypot again. Maybe an AKS-74 with a fixed stock? What is this thing?

Some AK47 based variant

Looks more like a Galil to me.

Based on the 90 degree gas block with that little cutout, I’m guessing AK-107 or AK-108.

Actually, I think that is an AK-12 or AK-308. Although the Galil looks similar to the AK pattern rifles and has the front sight mounted on the gas tube unlike most AKs, the AK-12 and AK-308 have a similar sight configuration, and the grip and aft hardware look more like the -308 with a slight curve and finger grooves. However, it could be either since many versions of the Galil rifle were produced and the general layout is extremely similar looking to the AK even though there is virtually no parts interchangibility bwetween the rifles.


I would also say AK-12, based on the similarities to the one my character has on a Tom Clancy X box game.
It would be odd for Maria Butina to pose with a Galil.

Why? She’s already posed with another Israeli weapon. *

*referenced in the “again” in the thread title

Just from eyeballing the links what’s been posted, it seems to my eyes like an AK-12 variant.

So far I’ve only seen her posing with Russian and Israeli weapons. Not that I care much either way, but it’s interesting to see how the NRA fell for her so hard when there’s really nothing about her that signals American.

Well, she never claimed to be an American, did she? Her whole shtick was “I am a Russian, who believes in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms! Yes, Russians want to have their Right to Keep and Bear Arms protected, too! Won’t you please help us, Noble American NRA?”

Am loving the guns and am having the boobies, who are come with?

Definitely. She’s not all that hot, either. She looks like she should be cooking borscht while wearing a babushka.

Ok, my fault for dunking on her looks, but requesting the thread locked before it goes too far in that direction. Off-topic, and too easy a target.

Otherwise, helpful answers, thanks everyone.


Yup, this thread is definitely going in directions that it would be better if it didn’t.