What is this gun? (photo)

Would somone identify the gun this fetching young American Patriot is holding in this photo?

(I know I know, I’m not a big fan of her or extreme 2A politics, but that’s a pretty sweet shooting iron).


Do you know this particular model (the woman, not the gun)? Otherwise I don’t get your comment on her politics.

That is none other than the Russian Honeypot Maria Butina

Thank you. Yes, that’s Marina Butina, NRA “cool girl” charged with acting as a Russian agent.

Wait, American patriots holding Israeli weapons? say it ain’t so!

Buy American. MAGA. (Many American guns available)

That’s Russian Intelligence Agent pretending to be American Grad Student holding an Israeli weapon.

Oh, I dunno. Buy the best, if your life is on the line. Uzis were popular for a long time until H&K took over.