Again with the annoying commercials!

I’d support a law banning the use of national monuments and parks in TV commercials.

It’s entirely coincidental that such a law would pull the rug out from under Liberty Mutual’s advertising.

I’m annoyed by the Lipton Ice Tea commercial because it really makes me want to own a revolving house like at the end, and I got no money.

Those commercials where they say “Free! Free free!” ad nauseum make me stabby.

Here in Houston endlessly running Gallery Furniture commercials with Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. I’ve heard him all my life! “FREE FREE FREE!!!” “SAVES YOU MONEY!!!”

Ugh. Just stop already. I jump to mute him as soon as I can.

If Liberty Mutual is going to advertise, I much prefer the ones by the Statue of Liberty to “Limu Emu (and Doug)”.

Agreed, but you know as well as I do that they’d find something else as a backdrop to continua to make their incredibly annoying commercials.

No! Don’t get rid of spokecharacters! I love Flo (I know I’m in the minority here) and the adorable AT&T girl and I miss Mayhem from Allstate (don’t you even THINK about getting rid of President Haysbert).

The deliberately asshole spokesthings annoy me. Raymond’s Jimmy’s John’s tops this list but it also includes Sam Adam’s Masshole and Progressive’s dumb-ass box of insurance.

They might try to get around the law by using this backdrop:

And if forced to change mascots, they’ll likely find one even more annoying. I’ll take Flo over the box and that weird-ass motorcycle thing anytime.

I find the various Gain commercials annoying. First of all, the announcer’s voice sounds horrible, like music being played off key. The scenarios are also stupid.

Plus Gain is crap. When I wash dishes with it, they come out greasier than when they go in.

I won’t go so far as to say I love them, but I have gotten chuckles from Flo, Mayhem, and others. Way better that many others.

Gain isn’t a dish soap.

Unfortunately for your olfactory sense, it is now.

Who the hell wants their dishes to smell like lemons or whatever? If I want my dishes to smell like lemons, I’ll put lemons on them or in the food on them.

I’m okay with those you list here.

The one that annoys me now is the new Jake from State Farm. It makes sense that they wanted to have the new Jake be a person of color, but what annoys me is that they clearly chose the guy they chose because he resembles the great Donald Glover.

So every time one of those commercials comes on I’m thinking 'I’d MUCH rather be watching a clip from Community or a snippet from This is America. But what I get instead is this extremely poor substitute.


THE guy? (bolding mine), like the only guy? I don’t think Jake looks much like Toby/Don/Childish.

Except in a “fit, kinda beardy, black Millennial” way…

Well, to me the casting does look like the imperative was ‘find me someone who resembles Glover.’

I’ll grant that it is subjective, though.

ETA: I don’t think a citation would or could exist–what advertising agency or insurance company would be willing to make public a decision like that?

In much the same way, there is highly unlikely to be a linkable citation to any AAG page (or page at the site of their ad agency) admitting in public that they pay Tom Selleck massive bucks because he’s better than almost any other old guy at suckering in the seniors.

I kind of like those commercials. Especially the one with the dog.

“Hey, mi towel, su towel.”

I didn’t know that was a thing.