Again with the annoying commercials!

I’ve come to the conclusion that, because of the way the American healthcare system works, doctors aren’t expected to keep up with the latest pharmaceutical developments. Instead, it’s assumed that patients are going to Google the heck out of their diagnosis, becoming an ‘expert’ about their condition and its possible treatments. Then patients run back to the doctor and demand whatever medication they saw advertised on TV the previous night.

Of course, this model assumes that people will gravitate toward pharmaceutical products instead of whatever ‘alternative’ treatment is the most popular…

There are not one but two commercials lately with some waif-y sounding women breathlessly singing “What A Wonderful World”. Both make me stabby. I used to like that song, but if I never hear it again the rest of my life, that’s OK with me.

Just saw one yesterday about some feminine hygiene product. Various women looking into the camera and asserting, “I’m not going to apologize about my period”.

Ok then.


It’s not that physicians in general don’t know about new drug introductions. A main thrust of the ads is to get patients hyped up about the latest stuff, so they push their doctors to prescribe the new, more expensive and comparatively untried meds instead of pharmaceuticals that probably are working quite well already for most people.

What country, besides the US, allows the televised pharmaceutical commercials?

New Zealand.

Are they as thick there?

Peter Popoff and his miracle spring water commercials make me so angry, I can hardly speak.

Why do they allow this on the airwaves? I feel like I’m not even of the same species as people who are ok with this.

ugh The whole world is irritating me today.

I hate the Jimmy John’s commercials with this asshole.

I’m so sick of these stupid commercials these days, they keep getting overplayed and they keep using the same characters. Car insurance commercials are the most notable, I’m beyond sick and tired of Flo and the Gecko, but it doesn’t stop there. Everything from drugs to Medicare supplements and the list goes on. Commercials used to be tolerable, even a little humorous, but now they are just plain stupid and have stupid people playing roles in them.

I read this post to my wife, and she said “I have a friend, whose husband has alzheimers, and that’s what she does. She asks the doctor ‘what about Bogustrol, or Scamelyx?’ And the doctor just says,‘You want to try it? Let me write you a script.’”


Well, at least it doesn’t cost anything. :slight_smile:

What about those people that get the Miracle Spring Water, and don’t get a check for $25K the next day? What do they think?

Not to mention that Peter Popoff (what kind of name is that anyway?) looks like a TV movie parody of Wayne Newton.

From Wiki.

Popoff was born in occupied East Berlin on July 2, 1946, to George and Gerda Popoff

He seems a trustworthy person.

He was exposed in 1986 for using a concealed earpiece to receive radio messages from his wife, who gave him the names, addresses, and ailments of audience members during Popoff-led religious services. Popoff falsely claimed God revealed this information to him so that Popoff could cure them through faith healing.

And yet, here he is doing it still.

There’s one born every minute.

Sometimes, on the bad days, I wonder if it really should be a crime to separate the stupid from their money,.

Holy cow! I haven’t seen the spring water commercials before but that is just crazy. I like the lady who got a check for $7000 in the mail after drinking some.T

Many years ago, in the midsize town where my father worked, there was a doctor known for handing out samples and prescriptions of Viagra even if the man in question was having no real medical issues in that department. (Do they even have samples of any prescription drugs anymore? I seem to remember someone cracking down on that.)

Mine does. Sometimes you need to try a med out, see if it works.

Apple iPhone 12 Haysyack commercial.

Anyone that’s ever been on a farm realizes how stupid that is.

Nice rows of evenly spaced round bales, and one misplaced pile of unbaled straw (? grass? Not alfalfa). How did it get there? Why is it still there? It hasn’t been through the baler, so how did it get there? Whoever baled that field just went home and left it there?

And of all the dozens of bales in the field, old man Crusty McCrusteron KNOWS the phone is in the one loose pile. Good thing it wasn’t pressed tight in an actual bale. You’re not sticking a hand in there.

He does use his watch to verify that the phone is in the loose pile, not one of the others.

He broke the bale open in a rage (or maybe to have sex) and his phone fell out during either action?

There are cattle roaming, so it is possible that the bale was broken open to feed them.

I have no idea why I’m defending this commercial.

Here’s an obnoxious commercial from Zillow.

Zillow TV Commercial, ‘Susans’ Featuring Molly Lloyd -

“Me! Me! Me! Me!”

Haha; oddly enough, I was recently thinking how much I - well, “like” is too strong a word - don’t mind these. I think the actress is very well cast. She’s attractive but not in a plastic way and, to me, very likable.