Again with the annoying commercials!

The previous thread has dropped off my first page, which is set to show any thread with a post within the last month. So here’s a new thread on this perennial subject.

There’s a commercial for something called Dentastix, I believe. It’s for dogs. In this commercial a dad finishes feeding his baby in a high chair and she has a face full of food as infants tend to have after eating. He says, “Let’s get you cleaned up before mom gets home” and walks out the kitchen to get wipes. When he comes back, the baby’s face is clean and the dog is licking his chops and he says, “That’ll work.”

And a hearty F you to Walmart for getting All I Do Is Win stuck in my head.

Yeah, that’s nasty! I’m as big a fan of doggies as just about anybody, but DAMMIT! Keep them away from your face!

The continuing saga of morons cooing over Chevy products while the “guy” shows them meaningless stuff.

This isn’t about a particular commercial: we just started paying the slightly additional fee to HULU to not get commercials. The first thing we access–“New Girl”–has a disclaimer: Due to streaming restrictions, there will be a commercial at the start and conclusion of the show. WTF?

Sounds like the multitude of ad blockers I’ve downloaded that don’t block ads!

All prescription drug commercials. Whether you are “Triseba read-aay!” or you’re in the middle of having your “Movantik Moment”, watching these commercials with their “snappy” little sayings can make you stabby.

I don’t have cable and all day it’s either new drugs, lawyers wanting to sue drug manufacturers (a hundred times a day something about Mesothelioma), and old people insurance companies exclaiming “you don’t want to hurt your family by leaving them with your bills”.

If you ever have Nickelodeon on, count how many times you see the commercial for the new super wubble ball, Jesus, just shoot me now. It annoys me so much. That, and the damn water balloons that are reusable. If anyone has purchased these please explain how they work and how do they not hurt like hell.

My friend worked in Microbiology and thought it was a great way to boost her son’s immune system.

Based on the look on the child’s face, I like to imagine that they actually did allow the dog to clean the child.

Yeah, but it won the JD Power award…

Can Bluebell not afford video for their commercials?

I thought the Chevy ads couldn’t get any worse, but then I saw the one with the manbunned hipster dude mumbling “It’s a superbad mamma jamma!”. At that point I realized there were no depths too deep for these things to sink.

I was about to post that when I read your post. It may be the most cringeworthy line … ever? ::shudder

You’ll note that none of these drug ads mention that one side effect that they all have in common is that they make people and everyone around them, including pets, move in slow motion. Even pet meds have that same side effect. Coincidence?

“You may ask yourself: How did I get [mesothelioma]”? I guess these ambulance chasers were unaware this is a phrase in a Talking Heads song.

The endless, vapid Liberty Insurance ads. Hey, stoopid, unless you bought zillion dollar gap insurance for your new POS ain’t nobody gonna replace your Ford FuzzyWuzzy with a new one if you total your car.

I also loathe the Chevy commercials: “it looks like a BMW!” No, no it doesn’t. There are some hilarious YouTube spoofs of this ad series.

Actually even the best commercials become annoying when you have to see them at every commercial break during an entire baseball game. (Never mind how long the baseball games are getting. Why does the pitcher spend half his time making love to the ball. Just throw it, asshole.) Ahem. Anyhow, don’t show the commercial 97,488 times an hour, please. Southwest has a great airline and some cute commercials, the firs 97,486 times they’re shown. Then they get old.

WHAT is with the two bathtubs in Cialis commercials? Two bathtubs on a beach, in the middle of what appears to be an outdoor mall, and just the very ends of them peeking in from the side of the screen on the last commercial I saw. What do *two *bathtubs have to do with sex??!!

And how the fuck is he supposed to bone her from a separate tub??? :confused:

These are illegal in every country on earth except the U.S. and New Zealand. Nobody hates them more than us pharmacists. :mad: :smack:

There’s a You Tube commercial where someone talks about meeting her SO’s parents, where they have set a feast on the table “and you need to bake a kiester casserole.” :confused: I finally watched it to completion; it’s for a product you spray on toilet water to disguise the smell of your poop.