Again with the annoying commercials!

I remember the Levitra commercial where a guy threw a football through a tire swing. Around that time, there was some discussion in the Jewish community regarding the use of ED meds during Passover, and Jay Leno, who was still on late-night TV, had a parody where a rabbi threw a matzo ball through a tire swing. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, I may have let my 80 pound dog lick my kid’s face clean before. Oh well. Then again, he gets into practical make out sessions with me or my wife.

Yeahbut you clean the face after, right? RIGHT???

There’s a series of commercials for a tire store (online, I think) about the dumb things we do on wheels; driving into a parking garage with a bike on the roof rack, trying to pull a stump out of the ground and ripping the bed off a pickup, or spilling coffee. But at least you can be smart about where you buy tires.

I hate commercials that are all about people being stupid (it’d be easier to list the ones that aren’t), and these are the worst of the lot at the moment.

This sounds like V.I.Poo…they run a commercial on TV featuring a lady who references “devil’s donuts,” complete with a little animation of brown donut-shaped objects dropping into a toilet bowl.

man, if there’s ever a commercial to dissuade me from EVER buying a product, it’s this. everything is so annoyingly phony and smug, i get the douchechills just thinking about it

One of those ‘regular people’ gave an anonymous behind-the-scenes interview on those commercials. They are in fact people off the street, recruited for some ambiguous ‘market research.’ They genuinely don’t know why they’ve been brought to that warehouse. Their reactions ring phony because…

Story here:

They might be “real people”, but they’re actors just the same. They know the more they pretend to cream their jeans over these shitty vehicles, the more likely they’ll be on the tube.

I’m sure it was mentioned in the old thread (which I never really followed) but the PuppyMonkeyBaby is back, and I really wish that it was dead.

This fucking “boogie woogie” ad makes me stabby. It’s the guys face.

Kickstart, brought to you by Satan’s Abominations!

Is it a Chevy commercial where the guy falls to his knees in front of a truck and begs for one? Because that just makes me feel like people will do anything to be on TV. And also brings to mind that there is probably a rule 34 internet site for men/truck porn.

Usually. Usually.

I had heard about it but missed seeing that the first time around. Not so lucky this time. :eek:

Those Addiction Network ads that seem to run about every inning when I’m watching baseball. Seriously.

Are those the ones with the guy with messed up priorities? “You can die, or even worse, hurt someone!”

Yep. Although I do have to say, when I went to find this ad on YouTube, there were a couple of pretty hilarious parodies of it, so at least there’s that.

That one is pretty bad. It’s like they don’t know what “mamma jamma” is a euphemism for.

Not to mention the ads where they try to convince you how sexy the Buicks are. “Oh, you’re new Buick is sooo cute!” When they look exactly like everything else out there.

Ain’t no way that lady is fitting a cello, a tuba, and two kids who likely require car seats into that little Buick.

Another Chevy commercial rant. I live in the rural south and have a pretty large pickup. I’ve never heard anyone make comments about trucks like I hear in those ads e.g., “yeah boy” or “looks mean.” Stupid stupid. That’s not how grownups talk around here.