Again with the annoying commercials!

Thank god the Chevy truck isn’t overbearing! I mean, who would want that?

What’s a sousaphone?

From Wiki.

Not a specific add, but the sequence of adds on the SYFY Roku channel.

At each break they play the same few commercials. There’s one for some lung mucus drug they play twice in a row, then some other commercial that I have blocked out of my mind comes on at three times the volume.

I thought they had gotten rid of that loud commercial crap.

I assumed that was some sort of meme, because nobody even mentioned a sousaphone on this thread. This supports that hypothesis. No clue as to the origin, though.

It’s from the commerical cited above, where the band claims they can even fit their sousaphone in the Chevy (ETA: Chevy, Buick, whatevs). Douchy McDoucherson the “host” asks what a sousaphone is.

Jeep’s Phoenix: <<Ain’t no way that lady is fitting a cello, a tuba, and two kids who likely require car seats into that little Buick. >>


This is the commercial I was talking about. There may be another version out there, but the kid is definitely saying “tuba”.

That’s the version that I see on TV, too.

Well, it reminds me of a quote from an episode of this:


I guess it’s a theme then. The one I saw was the Chevy Equinox

I could definitely get a lot in there.
I can put my entire band’s equipment.
Mountain bike.
Even the Sousaphone would fit in there.
What’s a Sousaphone?

Mr. singular and I can’t be the only ones that automatically respond to the Verizon’s guy “hello, l’m Paul” with a violent “fuck you, Paul!” every time it comes on, right? Jeebus, I hate that asshole.

“WiFi. We LITERALLY cannot live without it.” (for Comcast or AT&T or something)

That’s not what “literally” means!!!

The overly-smug-sounding announcer even emphasizes the word “literally,” then somehow gets even more annoying as the commercial goes on.

Any commercials for attorneys. Has anyone seen the “Pipe Lawsuit” commercial? “If you have a house built before 1975, you may have leaking pipes under your floors.
It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when”.

Basically they’re saying that most houses in the US will have leaking pipes at some point, and they may be able to get you damages. I feel like choking the announcer. :mad:

(What’s magical about the 1975 date anyway?)

I don’t mind seeing this commercial over and over. That is one Mom I’d Like to…er…Meet.

Supposedly cast iron.

OMG those are so stupid. Their product is basically the exact same boring retiree crap that it’s always been, they’ve just drastically and aggressively attempted to change perception thru advertisement alone. “Oooh, nice Buick!” Said no one, ever. The most excited response you’ll get from showing off your new Buick is, “Hey, that looks dependable!” :wink:

That’s Mark Wahlberg.

Has everybody seen Mahk in those Chevy ads?

Really? You could have given me 100 guesses and I wouldn’t have picked him out.
Anyway, still annoying. “Nope. Still nope. Now we’re talking!” Bite me.