Again with the annoying commercials!

Anything with an owl in it. Especially ones with accents.

Thank God insurance commercials aren’t annoying. I make my insurance buying decisions based solely on which company has the funniest ads. Nothing else matters.

Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three.

My husband works for a division of the pharmaceutical company (Eli Lily), and says he recently was told the significance of the two bathtubs, but then we got interrupted and I forgot to ask!

Ask Heathcliff.

TLC ads for their shows… I started my own thread for "hair empire " … I thought the lady was actually 12 …because of her voice …

I just saw the Mark Wahlberg AT&T commercial, and it’s not the one I’m talking about.

This one, it turns out, is for Xfinity, and the announcer does not appear on camera, just as a voiceover. And he’s really annoying.

Him I like.

Mitsubishi is running a weird one right now for their single room A/C units that apparently also function as a way to warp your house back to the 1950s, with Mom perpetually bustling around the kitchen in her A-line dress, grumpy Grandpa wandering around a study, daughters staying in their pretty pink room, and still-single Auntie endlessly primping in front of a mirror.

There’s one that keeps popping up on the Science channel (and possibly Animal Planet) for some TLC show that appears to feature six toddling hellspawns. Nothing makes me lunge for the remote faster than that commercial. I’ve managed to miss the hair one though.

GEICO ads that also advertise something completely unrelated. Why are they name-dropping Helzberg diamonds or Banana Republic?

Did you know that women are great? They can be mommies and lawyers and astronauts and athletes! Know why? Because they eat! Every day! Yay women, go eat some Kellogg’s.

And Yoplait! Don’t forget the Yoplait. Strong, confident women eat yogurt.

I have not seen a GEICO ad that mentions Banana Republic, but I have seen one that mentions Helzberg Diamonds. And the reason why is that both GEICO and Helzberg Diamonds are owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

The Movantik guy annoys the hell out of me for some reason. Maybe it’s the stupid constipation jokes, or the bad acting, or him strolling towards the outhouse.

There’s the one where a momma is driving down a suburban street in a Nissan Rogue, racing her young daughter, who is dressed entirely in black (as one does) and riding a Big Wheel. Momma pulls in the driveway, avoiding some containers of black paint that are inexplicably sitting in the middle of the pavement. Daughter comes screeching in and slides to a halt, knocking over the containers and sending black paint everywhere*.

What does Mom do? String her daughter up by the ankles in the garage? No, she gives her a high five.

*actually, they use CGI to make the paint look like it’s forming some sort of curlicue design, which makes even less sense.

Also, the commercials where it’s adorable when the kid trashes the house, because they have Perfect Brand paper towels/paint/etc.

But then perversely it bugs me when they bring in gallons of bleach like the kid peeing on the floor is a SuperFund site or something.

I see Liberty Mutual has excised the spreadsheets and moronic mention of “torque ratios”, but if you “finally bring home the one and crash it into a tree”, you deserve higher insurance rates.

There’s one where the mom finds her son mopping the floor with water from the toilet, and feels the need to bleach the whole floor. Jebus, lady, get a grip.

Jack Be Nimble and Banana Republic

I thought the girl painted her big wheel black to match the Rogue - and the sliding in rubbed the paint off the tires.

Still an annoyingly stupid commercail - and apparently they are telling me that big wheels powered by gradeschoolers can outrun (or atleast keep pace with) the Nissan.

I guaruntee I could outrun the little tykes in my Tundra.