Again with the commercials we hate

Yes gang, it is time once again to bitch about the commercials we hate. You know the ones I mean: they do a stellar job because we hate 'em so much that we are talking about them. They made us remember them, so give the advert guys a bonus.

Mine right now are:

The credit card commercial that is trying to make us believe their card is better than others because *they *don’t put cute pictures on it! I’m sorry guys, but if that is your differentiator, I’m not buying.

And of course the freecredit report guy singing lame songs.

And lastly, the creepy British guy stalking the gecko.

My latest most-hated commercial is from (I think) Taco Bell. It has a nanny-like woman pushing two full-grown men (dressed in executive-style clothes) in a double stroller. They get fussy and start whining and crying until she gives them some Taco Bell crap.

Every time I see that one I want to chuck something heavy at the TV. It’s one of the few that I have to hit Mute and look away until it’s over.

Those commercials with the talking baby…I think it’s for some online broker? I’ve never made it all the way through one. shudder

And I’m sick of the Charmin bears…especially when you can see the little bits of lint. (It does remind me of a joke though; too bad you never see rabbits in those commercials.)

I don’t know if there are commercials, but the Taco Bell “4th meal” promotion bugs me. Yeah, just what America needs, an extra round of fast food crap.

On that note, the Pizza Hut Pizone (sp?). A full pound of processed food wrapped in, well, something. Great. If you’re smart you’ll let “mooch” have half, at least.

I despise the ab-whatever one with the ugly guy telling us “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends!”
Goodie for you, idiot.

The cuter the ad, the worse the product. “What’s in your wallet” is another good example. Freecredit is a rip-off, and Geico has both horrible Cust serv but also poor claims service.
winterhawk11- you are so right, that one is just creepy. I am glad they brought Jack back, though.

I’m starting to notice plot holes in commercials.

This guy tries to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Uh-oh, his Visa is over the limit. No problem, sweetie, just call up American Express and apply for* that *card!

Um, you don’t have the money to buy a ring for cash, you’re over the limit on your card, what the blue bloody hell makes you think AmEx isn’t going to laugh in your face?

Some of the current crop of Geico cavemen commercials don’t fit with the rest. The dancing caveman is the worst. “Jazz hands, anything with jazz hands!”

Then there’s the tennis one that almost gets it…the caveman gets pissed off that Geico is sponsoring his whole match against Billie Jean King, so that’s fine, but how in the hell did he not notice the word Geico on everything? Plus he thinks he’s winning when he’s getting his ass kicked. :confused:

The only righteous one at the moment is the day at the beach. “I’ll be in the car.”

Yes…never did I think there’d come a day when we’d have to see cartoon dingleberries in a commercial.

Apparently so many people hate the Seinfeld/Gates commercial that Microsoft has decided to pull it.

The MAC vs. PC adverts have gotten old. The first few are clever, but not so much anymore.

Only because Mac is an arrogant douche. He’s too much like one of the “cool kids” at school, acting all superior while PC actually tries *doing *things.

They need couples counselling. They aren’t communicating anymore.

And they’re losing whatever resemblance to reality they had.

He’s just upset that PC gets all the good games. :smiley:

That chick who walks all over the place with her arms held up to advertise deodorant is really really lame.

And on the subject of Charmin - so now they have less lint than “those other brands.” Who the hell are they talking about? The only brand that leaves behind any lint at all is Charmin. I hate their TP, lint and girlie bits are a horrible mix:mad:

Thank Og for that!

I don’t like this one either, but I think they are playing on the “So easy even a caveman could do it” tagline…cavemen are not smart, hence he is getting his rear end kicked, can’t read the score and doesn’t notice the Geico signs…get it?? (ok, maybe that’s a stretch…)

Mine is the PedEgg. That little foot scraper doohickey? It’s a neat little gadget, but when they show them emptying the contents into the trash…seeing about 2 cups full of skin shavings is just…it’s just wrong!! And they keep showing it over and over! UGH…

He’s firmly entrenched in the Uncanny Valley. And they basically recycled dialogue (actual soundtrack) from a previous ad, where he was originally an adult man: “Duhhh I think I’ll buy shhtttock, yeah I’m gonna-duhh-get some shhtttock!”

Anyone remember the British Airways ad, where the middle-aged businessman morphs into a baby floating in a crib in the middle of a lake? Same kind of thing. <shudder>

No more talking babies, morphing babies, dancing babies, singing babies, or babies with automatic weapons, mmkay? Let a kid be a kid, in small doses I can handle that (like diaper rash commercials), but the gimmick was old even before the first Baby Geniuses movie.

The ones for Binder and Binder law firms. Why on earth is that guy wearing a cowboy hat and a suit at the same time? To cover up a terrible forehead rash? Yeah, sure, I’ll make sure to call Max Hardcore for all my slimeball lawyer needs.

I can’t stand the Progressive Insurance cashier girl, with the “big, tricked-out name tag.” Very annoying.

Oh god, yes! I hate that commercial and I see it all the time.

I like the caveman Geico commercials, for the most part, but the Billie Jean King one sucks (I also have their insurance and have never had any issue with claims or customer service).

Some paper plate commercial - Dixie, maybe?
“I will no longer be defined by the amount of dishes I wash!”
I’m NOT defined by the amount of dishes I wash. I asked around.

“I am proud to use [paper plate name] because it means I can be a better mother and spend more time with my kids!”(paraphrased)
It takes me about thirty seconds to wash four plates. Just what the fuck do you do to them that it takes you longer than that? :confused: