Commercials you hate.

Inspired by the few other threads about this. One that is kind of irritating would be the toothpaste commercial where the little kid is brushing his teeth. “Little Bear!” And then Little Bear says something about the toothpaste. And then the kid says “Mommy thinks tho too.” And then it says the brand, I think it was Orajel. That one was irritating. One that is just freaky is that anti-drug commercial that’s like stop-motion with the guy smoking pot. And then his dog talks in a sort of speech bubble. He’s like “You disappoint me” and then just meanders off. Notice that he does not move his legs at all. And then a flagpole appears out of nowhere and the dog hoists his flag. The end. What commercials do you hate? I’m thinking of a rating system as follows:

1=mildly irritating
2=quite annoying
3=Make it stop!
4=I will shoot my television if I see this commercial ever again.

For me, the first one is probably a 2, the second one a 1. What say the Dope?

4 has to go to both the Wendy’s commecials with the bizarre nonsensical goings-on involving men wearing orange pigtailed wigs, and that Damn Gecko, who just rambles on and on about absolutely nothing in particular, to the extent that I’ve trained my brain to completely tune out what he says.

I’ve been meaning to start a thread like this. The car commercials with the people singing duh-duh-dum and Kelsey Grammar doing the voice overs really, really need to go away. Far, far away! At this point, I think I’d rather watch the Head On commercials, thank you. Ai yi yi!

The sexy insides Metamucil ad. I don’t want to think about sexiness and Metamcuil at the same time! Metamucil needs to be as far from sex as possible.

I’d rate mine a three.

I’m starting to wish Quentin Tarentino had never discovered the 5, 6, 7, 8’s just so that we’d never be subjected to that awful “Woo-hoo” song in a commercial ever again.

Snickers commercial in which preppy-ass bastard-man disobeys the rule “bros before hos” - 3

Any commercial that features the “buzzer” setting from an alarm clock rates approximately a 7,000,000 on the 1-5 scale.

I have to nominate the best Buy “Geek Squad” commercial with the lady and her man-droid.

“Say, that’s a pretty lifelike man-droid.”
“Not that lifelike. He always over steeps the tea.”
“I thaid I wath thorry!”

That icks me out. I give it a 3.

I don’t like the Geico cavemen. I give them a 2.

The commercials I would give a 4 to are for some lollipops that are part chocolate, part some swirly candy. I forgot what they’re called, something like Vertigo Pops or some other similarly dizziness-inducing name. These commercials feature various unsightly characters talking about how delicious this candy is, with horrid Clutch Cargo-type mouths that are the only thing in the commercial that moves.

But It’s SO WRONG to let chicken be bad! :smiley: Also, per my location, I see the one with the guy in the gecko suit saying something along the lines of this “Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for making us number 1 in Maryland.”

The only commercials that I detest are those damned cavemen, the very irritating lizard, Bob, and that nastyass BK (nightmare-waiting-to-happen) guy.
They all rate a solid 3 with me.


Definitely a 4.

I just saw a Skittles commercial that blew my mind.

A skeevy guy is hooked up to an automatic milking machine. He’s eating tart/sour Skittles. Another guy comes in drinking some milk and complains that it’s sour.

I do not own a TV. This is a large part of the reason why.

Yeah the Wendy’s commercials are bad.

McD’s has a radio commercial for coffee that has some guy slurping the empty cup. Annoy as hell and another reason not to go to McD’s.

Some high-speed internet group has “the band” and those commercials always get turned off immediately.

The Tylenol Promise - Recently added to the plethora.

“What makes Tylenol SO unique…”
“Unique” means “one of a kind” so should not have comparative modifiers.

We have an ad for Churchill Car Insurance over here and that fucking dog is really getting on my nerves.

Oooohhh Yeeeeesssssss definitely a 4+

That one is the worst. I’d give it a 4. Thankfully I have not seen it in a while, could they have finally pulled it off the air?
I second Enginerd’s complaint about alarm clock noises and would like to add doorbell’s and telephones. Even if the phone ring doesn’t sound like mine, I still always think it’s my phone. Doorbells that are extraneous to the commercial are even worse, like Domino’s commercials that use one at the end of the commercial. I’d give that a 2.

Doubly so for any commercial with a crying baby. If I need one of those I can just take away the sippy cup from a conveniently located child right here in my own house.

When I am in my car a commercial with sirens in it. Has me scanning all around looking to see where it is coming from. After three or four full speed head whips, I realize that it was on the radio. Bastards.