Again with the annoying commercials!

This is not cute, but totally creepy. Sentient phones fall for a lady walking by.

The Secret Life of Phones

Wow. I had seen that one on TV a few times but never paid much attention to it and I thought it was just about a girl getting a phone for Christmas. The fact that the girl who’s the subject of the sentient phone’s (or really, the sentient internet itself, since multiple devices are involved) stalkery crush is apparently a teenager makes it even more creepy.

That’s OK - the phone is underage, too.

That phone is only few months old at most. It’s looking for a babysitter.

But the birth of the internet itself is January 1, 1983, so it’s pushing 40. Though I don’t know the date at which it actually became sentient.

Phones, like dogs, only live a short while. Three, five years, maybe, if you’re lucky. So three months might be nearly an adult, in phone-years.

August 29, 1997 at 02:14 am Eastern Time.

Yeah, that one caught my eye as confirming that our smart phones really are watching and listening to us in order to get us to buy things.

How hard up for money is Brian Cox that he has to degrade himself with the little “Buh-da buh bump-buh” for McDonalds???

I thought he hit rock-bottom when he did Super Troopers. But that is an awesome movie!

They also make me feel better that we don’t have a Medicare Advantage plan, we use one of the other options.

Anyway, they (along with reverse mortgages, which are always with us) provide work for elderly celebrities whom we haven’t otherwise seen in decades. Dy-no-mite!

I may have convinced my neighbor that the way Namath waves his hands around, he’s speaking in ASL, but he has a speech defect.

I mentioned this upthread somewhere but am too lazy to find it, so I’ll just summarize.

My best guess for this is that since they advertise so much during NFL games people who aren’t in the military and don’t pay attention to commercials kept calling them asking for insurance and kept being denied thus taking up call time and increasing complaints. To counter that, they made a series of commercials making it patently obvious that YOU CAN’T GET THIS UNLESS YOU’RE MILITARY

That’s a good theory, and it does make sense. Kinda reminds me of the first time I tried to go to a Costco and they asked for my membership card. It does raise the question of why USAA is advertising in a place where most of the viewers aren’t even potential customers.

The irony is, my dad was in the military, and I am a USAA member. I have been for ages; long before they started advertising. The ads (the elitism and the money they must be spending on them) make me less likely to stay with them.

Very true!


I think it’s in the same vein as the Jeep ads where they explain that the American flag emblem on their newest SUVs isn’t backward, accompanied by examples from law enforcement and military uniforms. I don’t follow them too much on social media, but I can only imagine the comments that prompted that commercial.

Could be that they’re actively trying to create customers – by showing what else could be obtained via enlisting.

Can you get USAA if the veteran is deceased?

One USAA commercial, in an effort to pander, showed quick clips of servicepeople happily doing their thing, but one of them was a quick glimpse of a formation marching, something only a perv would be nostalgic for. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people making the commercial thought that was how army guys moved around, regardless of how long they were in.

You speak of that dismissively rather than as a great idea. :smile:

Not quite the same thing. Jeep could be trying to position their brand as patriotic, trying to appeal to the “buy American” crowd. But you don’t have to be in the military to buy a Jeep.

I don’t know the full rules, but it couldn’t hurt to contact them and ask. It’s been so long, I don’t remember what I had to do (if anything) to prove I was eligible.

Oh yeah, I realize that…I just thought they were similar in that both ads were apparently tweaked with the understanding that the general public is not very observant, and is very quick to make assumptions when they do observe something.

I hadn’t considered the angle that USAA is trying to drum up enlistment.