Again with the annoying commercials!

I wonder if it’s supposed to reference Malaria’s “I don’t really care” jacket.

I also thought the actress in these commercials looked a lot like Kathryn Hahn but did not grok that it actually was her. The first of these commercials I ever saw was about how kids misuse school supplies and, I swear, she sounds so drunk! Every time I saw it I thought, “Why is that Agatha Harkness lookalike so drunk on set?”

And yeah, I also thought she was the idiot for not knowing the difference between a llama and a camel. Probably because she was drunk.

I don’t know if it’s local or not - Two Men and a Truck. Moving / Disposal company. I don’t even think it’s a thirty second spot but they manage to mix metaphors and abandon the premise in two or three cuts.

“We treat your furniture like you treat your grandmother, even when you’re getting rid of things you no longer need.”

Then we see an orange couch with three old ladies in matching orange sitting on it - I’m sure the jist is the couch and the ladies are one - and a “coffee table” that consists of an old lady on her hands and knees with a glass top on her back and like a tea service on it - not representing the coffee table … being the coffee table, looking for all the world like a septuagenarian gimp.

Then we see two guys bringing a ratty old chair to their truck and just heaving it in there like, well, like a ratty old chair.

I don’t get it. Apparently they treat their grandma’s like shit.

Well, have you seen what passes for commercial art design these days? The original artist might not know what either animal looks like. Drunk mom might be correct.

Add me to the list of people who thought the Amazon commercials featured some lady who kind of looks like Kathryn Hahn, and was surprised to learn it’s actually her. Botox is not your friend, Kathy.

The ones that have been bugging me lately are the Sonic commercials where the kitchen employees are shouting out what they’re doing as they prepare the food.
“Adding the cheese!”
“Got the pickles sliced over here!”
“Whipped cream going on top!”
Shut the f up and just make my order.

What the hell did you order!?

Who the hell is Kathryn Hahn? I’ve seen the commercial, but i don’t recognize the actress. Yes, I could google, but I’m lazy.

I didn’t know either. After Googling, I’m none the wiser, but I don’t see many movies.

If you don’t know her from WandaVision or Parks and Rec or Anchorman, maybe you remember her from your local winking meme of which I can hardly get away from.

Is sneering her schtick, or is it just these commercials?

Yeah, this grinds my gears, too. I’ve worked fast food and nobody does this.

“We need more bacon here!”

Dude, you work here. You know where the bacon is. Go get some.


Thank you. :llama:

I just saw, for the thousandth time or so, the commercial where the guy attaches a giant rake to the back of his luxury car and drives around the beach collecting litter while treacly piano music plays.

I don’t really know why I hate this guy so much, but I hate him. I hate him more every time I see that ad. I can’t explain it; it’s a deep, visceral, primal loathing.

We’ve both missed the buttcrack string one, and she’s given the trampoline pee one a big “WTF?”

She does love the one for the period panties where the poor teenaged girl is sitting on the toilet (lid closed) while her mom attempts to demonstrate tampon use.

I like that one. The girl is cute, and its one, rare time a mom is made to look like an ignorant dork instead of a dad.

Pretty much, he is always wrong. Sure wearing highish socks with sandals isn’t fashionable, but who gives a fuck? Okay, that one is not too bad, but most of the rest is bogus. Besides, I had a very cool Dad.


When I was trained for that the Paramedic said that happens even with experts, and don’t worry about it, since a cracked rib is no worry if you are dead.

(Gives secret handshake) :+1:

He’s more environmentally conscious than thou.

It’s okay. He loves himself enough for both of you.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Just. Shut. Up.