Agent Carter S2 premiere (spoilers)

So season one had mixed reviews with an incoherent story line, long preambles.

This season

Right off the bat, costuming was gorgeous , cars were reasonable for the late forties, except for a shot of a super connie, which may or may not have been in service at the time.

Again, for a period piece, its nerfed for todays television audience. No smoking, and diverse character casting.

So pretend its an alternate universe where things happened differently.

It wasn’t bad , and as cringe worthy as the season one opener was, but no impact story. I guess they will get to it, when they get to it.

Nice touch, the SSR is not long for this world. Pretty boy is getting positioned to be a somebody in the follow on agency and the FBI finally makes an appearance. Not that it matters.


I loved the first season. I just checked HULU and didn’t see it there yet. Hopefully they’ll push them over there like they did last time.

I enjoyed it! I didn’t watch the first season, and now I want to see what has happened before.

Good start. Plus it has Kurtwood Smith, if you don’t like Kurtwood Smith then you deserve a boot in your ass.

I assume we’ll see Whitney Frost in a mask later in the series. I didn’t realize who her comic counterpart is it’s but the AVClub write up.

Supposedly the dark matter will lead to Dr. Strange as well. Interested to see how this will tie together.

I was curious if they were going to even acknowledge that Dr. Wilkes was black.

I had been curious how SHIELD ended up being a secret organization, if they all go around telling people who they are, even though the SSR has hidden entries into secret bases, which are apparently multiple stories of office buildings, with hundreds of people working there… maybe they’ll decide that NOT telling people who they are is probably a better idea, when they switch over to being SHIELD.

I just assumed the dark matter was the portal from Agents of SHIELD…

Agreed. Good start. Flipping Mrs. Jarvis to be an Irish minx eager to support the Scooby Gang and engage in a little three-way badinage was interesting. So was the use of race (facing petty racism the way Peggy faces petty misogyny; the setting at the club).

Guess: Sousa’s GF isn’t exactly what she appears to be.

Also - is it just me, or are there too many '40’s-perfect blondes to keep track of right now? Dottie, Whitney, Sousa’s GF. And of those, man, the way they made up Bridgit Regan as Dottie - she looked like an alabaster statue of Greta Garbo or something. Classic.

zero matter is ‘different’ - something incredible.

But I think its clear that this new organization is a Hydra bit -

I liked it a lot. Good story, right into the crazy technology, Wilkes was a great character (and maybe we’ll see him again?).

The symbol the “Council” uses, on the pin, pretty much matches the symbols the ancient Hydra was using from the past few episodes of AoS, right?

She’s a Hungarian Jew, not Irish - that’s why Jarvis had to smuggle her out of Budapest, committing treason along the way.

Yep, I thought the same. I thought the reveal was going to happen right after the bear claw scene though.

Season 1 didn’t do it for me and I never finished the season. Tried to give Season 2 a chance but it has a problem.

I like it…up until anybody starts talking. Then I don’t like it any more. But when they’re not talking, I like it.

Unfortunately, they talk a lot.

Bolding mine. :smack::smack:

Discussed several times, sorry. She’s still got moxie.

Absolutely. You can see why Jarvis was willing to commit treason for her.

They just barely did. I think someone said something along the lines of “your kind” (referring to Wilkes) at one point.

There was the whole scene in the café where the guy at the counter wouldn’t serve him but would make change for Carter if she bought something. It seemed a bit of a stretch to have him there but he was pretty charming and he and Carter had good chemistry. Captain America, Jarvis, Howard Stark, Dottie… I’m thinking Hayley Atwell has good chemistry with just about everyone. Not that I’m complaining.

It was subtle, but Wilkes’ race came up a few times.

Sousa said the club where they were meeting was a colored club.

Wilkes had the whole story about growing up picking oranges, and how he’d never get out. And Isodyne was the only company willing to hire someone like him.

And the most blatant was the guy in the diner calling him “boy”. I’m wondering if in a future episode Peggy will pay the diner another visit and clean the counter with the guy’s face.

The LAPD guy referred to him as a janitor.

The donut shop guy + the hotel where he wanted to meet Peggy was known for being ‘for them’ (don’t remember exact words). There were quite a few references, but they were (until the Donut guy) farily subtle.

Yep, and I am pretty sure all of that (except the Janitor line) were from the second episode.

When Peggy first enters the club there’s a low mixed crowd line of something like “is she sure she’s in the right place?” but then on the dance floor there’s a white couple right behind them dancing. It seemed odd. Why undercut the scene with Peggy standing out, when there’s already white people in the club?

could be the other couple were regulars and Peggy was ‘new’ - but I took that line to be a typical ‘peggy slam’ - that everyone constantly questions if she’s ‘in the right place’.

Just checking in again now that the season has finished.
Seems we as a messageboard community were much less enthused by season 2.

I, personally, quite enjoyed it. I feel like my overall enjoyment of season 1 was greater than my overall enjoyment of season 2, but when it comes to listing individual aspects about the season there’s a lot that ends up on a list of things I liked.
[li]I liked the broader comedy bits played by Jarvis (though he ended up going on a murderous rampage which I liked less).[/li][li]I loved loved every second that Dottie Underwood was onscreen. They’d do well to give her a much bigger part in season 3.[/li][li]I thought actress Wynn Everett was excellent as Whitney Frost. I’d never seen her in anything before. When she’s in scenes with men it is really really obvious how very petite she is in stature and yet she gives such a commanding performance that you can totally believe people being very afraid of her.[/li][li]Ana Jarvis, completely delightful.[/li][li]I liked that they went more ensemble rather than daring duo for the protagonists, but the dynamics weren’t perfect. As an SSR scientist, Dr. Samberly should be completely brilliant (and supposedly he was) but showing his personality quirks got in the way of showing his competence to the point that he almost didn’t seem competent at all (I also thought his comic relief function fell flat). I thought Rose was great when they allowed her to be great, but she got pushed to the background as they couldn’t figure out what to do with her (even had her out of town visiting her mother for one episode!). I like the expanded role for Sousa and exploring a partnership between him and Carter but I didn’t see enough in him for me to believe Peggy being in love with him.[/li][li]Kurtwood Smith![/li][li]Ken Marino![/li][li]An out of nowhere song & dance sequence![/li][/ul]

So, I’m on board for season 3. I like the whole 10 episode season format, I think it works especially well for this show.