Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E05: Girl in the Flower Dress

Yeah, not!Luke Cage’s powers came from an implant on his arm that was shaped like a centipede.

The guy in the prison may be old-time SHIELD foe The Fixer, who has a mental-powered ally named Mentallo. Boy, that Stan Lee sure could name 'em. Or it could be characters created for the show, since Luke Cage wasn’t Luke Cage and Sunfire wasn’t Sunfire.

I wouldn’t assume a guy named The Clairavoyant necessarily has psychic powers, any more than I’d assume Mai knows how to ride a horse, just because people call her The Cavalry.

I think revealing Skye’s secret, and exposing her dodgy behaviour in a logical and realistic way, instead of artificially extending it for the sake of “the rules of TV story arcs,” is what makes the show distinctive, and is probably a very Whedonesque thing to do (I don’t watch enough Whedon stuff to know).

Heh. People are only getting this now? I saw this as a major theme in the first episode. While I think SHIELD is intended to be worthy of respect in this series, it’s also clear that many of the villains have reasonable motivations on their own - and their methods are effectively mirrors of SHIELD. In ever single episode, SHIELD is shown as using the same kinds of tools (be it deceit, authority, electronic intrusion, or physical violence) as their enemies.

In the end, it’s not at all clear that SHIELD is necessarily doing more good than harm. If Coulson’s team has a point, it seems to be saving the world from SHIELD itself. It’s been very clear for a while now that SHIELD has a tendency of assumer it has a morality license. So it lies, cheats and steals while treating everyone like dicks… and then is surprised when people retaliate. Coulson seems to spend half his time cleaning up after SHIELD. Which might be Fury’s intention behind-the-scenes: he pretty clearly doesn’t like bullshit and draws his line in the sand at the exact point of saving the world, and no farther.

It was somewhat unclear as to whether or not the Extremis/Gamma/SuperSoldier/CrazyPants serum was what they actually gave him, or whether they used a really small dose or a limited version to test his powers out without blowing him up. The evil BadGuys did confirm several things this episode: they may be using Rising Tide, but definitely a separate group. Second, they aren’t impossibly powerful. They’ve got some money and ruthlessness, but their methods so far are decidedly small-potatoes by Marvel standards.

Also, I liked Skye’s boytoy a heckuva lot more than her. It was pretty clear he knew, or suspected at some point, that he might be doing something wrong, but that he gave into a very human temptation to do this one tiny insignificant thing because he wanted another very good thing. (Namely, tapping that like a Mountain for Lightning Bolt). All his hopes, dreams and ideals were on one side. And SHIELD was on the other.

I don’t think he was intended to be a Sunfire ripoff. The only thing they have in common are male, asian, and fire powers (which are already pretty genetic). He didn’t show the ability to fly, Japanese isn’t Chinese, etc. As noted in the other thread, there’s also a (very minor) 616 character who’s Asian (last name “Ng”) named Scorch, so…

I was a bit surprised they just offed him so unceremoniously. I mean, not that he didn’t deserve it… but just very interesting compared to, say, Man of Steel.

I’m glad the “you’re a traitor!” stuff in the previews wasn’t a Red Herring. I guess Skye gets a pass since she’s searching for her parents (and makes me wonder if Coulson has an ulterior motive in recruiting her) but I still don’t really like her.

Maybe Coulson had some sort of vision…

One aspect of this it is could raise their respect for Skye’s ability. Up to now, they all thought they had caught Skye and forced her to join Shield. Now they have to realize Skye deliberately set up her own capture as a means of infiltrating Shield.

I’m out. I’m done with this show until I hear some amazing buzz online about a plot point or something (likely late in the season if at all). Maybe they’ll retool it if the ratings plummet.

This show is just way too hokey for me. I haven’t watched fluff like this since MacGyver and A-Team filled afternoons growing up in the 80s.

I’m still giving it a chance but the show definitely needs to grow a beard pretty soon.

Is Scorch a recurring Marvel character?

And who was the guy in prison that Flower-Dress-Girl was talking to?

And calls it a wargame, no less? Someone needs to teach Ward ASL or at least Warhammer.

I feel like that exact scene with a different game has been in another Whedon show. Maybe all of them.

Yeah, she started out kinda meh, but I agree, she seemed to get better as the episode wore on.

Perfection. It’s scenes like that one that give me hope for Chemistry between Skye and Ward. (Dramatic/Comedic Chemistry, not Romantic Chemistry, though that’s gotta be headed our way eventually, I’d imagine.)

Overall… eh… Decent, but very predictable episode. Glad we’re getting to the root of the Skye mystery, and setting up some decent recurring bad guys, I hope.
I like the pace of the revelations, and have hope that it won’t take 7 seasons to find out the answers to all the mysteries. Although, I think it’s maybe time for just one episode without mention of/hints about Coulson’s resurrection. (“I used to drink coffee, but then I was impaled by an Asgardian… I used to put my pants on left leg first, but then I died for 8 minutes…”)
So… in two weeks is episode 6. Is it time for the (spoiler for another Whedon show)This show’s “Man on the Street”? That would be nice.

Except the Law of Economy of Characters is more about a movie where a story has to be told in 2 hours. You don’t have time or opportunity to develop characters like you could in a long running series. The story of Skye’s parents could conceivably be slowly developed into a story arc set in the 3rd season or something along those lines.

Well, they killed a guy. More than the A-Team ever did.

Why did the hot scientist have to die.:mad:

They finally show some skin and as payoff, they pop hot scientist lady?

I thought he called it a board game, but I may have heard it wrong.

She had to die to show that the new female badass is so badass she not only doesn’t care about the test subjects, but her co-workers as well. It’s a new level in self-absorbedness that shows us there is no one nowhere who can trust her.

That’s what I heard, too.

He said war game.

Just checked the version on the abc website - sounds like board games, and the close caption said “board games”.