Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E10: The Bridge (spoilers)

The Bridge
Directed by Holly Dale
Written by Shalisha Francis

The Bridge might be the most action packed episode of SHIELD since the pilot. There is feint talk about May and Ward’s relationship, and a bit about Skye. But, mostly, we are treated with super humans throwing train cars at each other, and shit blowing up. The episode ended with a delicious cliffhanger that sets things up very well for when the show returns next year.

Remember the end of “Girl in the Flower Dress” when Raina visits the mysterious guy in prison and he talks about the clairvoyant. Yeah. Him. His name is Edison Poe. He’s a tactical strategist. Well, the start of this episode has him eating a meal in the prison and a group of superhuman cannonballing in to save him. He eats his meal throughout the fight and insists on being called ‘sir’ by his saviors, but, he escapes successfully.

Back on The Plane, while Skye is looking for her Mother, and May is avoiding pillow talk during her spar with Ward Coulson is putting together a meeting to discuss how to handle the breakout. The video reveals that Centipede is behind the breakout, therefore they are going to need extra firepower to fight them. Mike Peterson, the super powered guy who almost blew up in the pilot is recruited by Coulson to come help.

Peterson gets on the plane and after the initial bickering about whether they can trust him he is sent to the lab where Simmons gets giggly while she measures his chest. Peterson gives them plot Red Herring #1 when he lets them know that their weapon from the pilot is what enabled him to keep his powers without exploding.

A member of Centipede is recognized and they track down his sister to the University of Ohio. Or wait. Is it The University of Ohio. Or is that distinction just for real colleges? I realize it’s the height of nitpicking to complain about a fake school in a show where there are humans with superpowers and flying cars. But, come on! University of Ohio? Such a boring choice for a made up school! How about good old Empire State University? Or Buckeye University. Does it have to be in Cleveland, Lake Erie State? Something fun! Ok. Enough dumb complaining about nothing. I don’t really care, I just thought it was funny.

Now that rant was really worthless if it turns out that there is an University of Ohio in Cleveland that I never knew about.

I’m not sure if we really need to meet the cellist from Portland, or if it works better as an unseen character that Coulson avoids from afar. Whatever the case, he talks about her to great extent while he and Ward go to the university. Ward is obviously digging for a reason to expand his relationship with May, but Coulson quickly nips that in the bud.

Meanwhile, back on The Plane Skye is asking May for help in finding her Mother. She’s quickly rebuffed and told not to ask while on a mission. She then shows the video of Raina meeting with Poe that i mentioned earlier. They’re able to use fancy lip reading software to hear that Poe (creepily) mentioned The Clairvoyant. According to Coulson there are no psychics on the list, so it must be a codename.

Raina tells Poe that they keep having to change headquarters because SHIELD continues to track them down. Poe responds that it is time to stop running.

They use a business card (Coulson loves how amongst all of the technology and gadgets sometimes the old fashioned stuff is the best. I’m not exactly sure what he was referring to, since it turns out the business card is a tracking device) from the Ohio Gaming Commission to track the sister’s phone call and track Centipede to a warehouse in Oakland.

Ward, May, Coulson and Peterson are ambushed in the warehouse. These super powered guys have the same eye implant that we saw in “Eye Spy”. Through an implant Coulson and Peterson’s picture is sent back to Raina and Poe and with Red Herring #2 we’re lead to believe that Peterson is the key that they are looking for. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not.) Later they meet in a car after Poe had seen the Clairvoyant. They have a creepy conversation about him, and the fact that Raina cannot know more, and then romantically kind of sort of touch hands.

May gets in Ward’s face about protecting her during the fight. He replies that the protection was practical, and not romantic. Skye shows up at the end of this and May jumps down her throat, telling her that she has to decide whether or not she wants to be there.

Coulson and Peterson have a heart to heart about Peterson’s son. It turns out his son, Ace, is being visited by Raina. He tells the SHIELD team they need to set up a trade Peterson for Ace. When Coulson and Peterson get out to the appointed place Coulson finds out he is the one being traded. Ace is returned safely, but a truck blows up next to Peterson as he runs after Coulson and his captors. Briefly, no one watching the show thinks Coulson is dead, but the chracters might since the car exploded. Next a helicopter takes off and shoots at Ward in his sniper’s nest. Up in the air Raina asks Coulson “What happened the day after you died?”

First off let me get this speculation off of my chest. I think Centipede is run by fans of Agents of SHIELD who desperately want to know what happened to Coulson. They will stop at nothing to find out.

Another fun episode and an excellent cliffhanger to stew on until the show returns. One of the best things I did in this episode is complicate relationships among the crew. May wants to protect Skye from the secret, but the only way she could do that was to angrily tell her to let go. The May and Ward romance has some legs left, and it seems like both Coulson and Skye might know that something is going on. Not much movement on FitzSimmons, but they were funny, that has to count for a lot. And, of course, most importantly, we are going to get some answers about Coulson soon. I was glad to see more of Centipede. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team works when May is in charge, and what we can find out about The Clairvoyant. It’s still not clear if he is just a smart rich guy, or someone with powers. We don’t even know for sure that it isn’t Poe. As far as I am concerned January 7th can’t come fast enough!

Stuff I wanted to bullet point:
[li]Peterson’s training really rips up the grass! Do they have to resod once a day?[/li][li]“Other People. People with QUESTIONABLE track records.”[/li][li]“We have equipment to take measurements. No need to take it manually.”[/li][li]FitzSimmons seemed so proud of Peterson’s suit. It’s a shame it barely lasted an episode.[/li][li]Whatever knocked out Coulson didn’t last very long. He seemed wide awake on the plane.[/li][/ul]

January 7th? Sheeeit, I could be dead by then.

Anyway, started slow, IMO, but I was fully engaged by the time Coulson got kidnapped. The second half of the ep was well paced and staged.

Tactics: while they were planning the mission to the Centipede lab, someone said something about having a backup team standing by and Coulson said no, we’ve got a guy with superpowers. But, and Coulson knew this, the opposition had THREE guys with superpowers. I think I would have called for backup. I’m just sayin’.

Overall not a great episode. The only part I liked were the scenes between May and Ward where they were trying to figure out how to act towards each other. But other than that, I felt the characters were all off.

Ruth Negga and Cullen Douglas are both good but their characters really didn’t do much in this episode. And J. August Richards’ character felt poorly written.

The ending was good and it seems to promise the next few episodes will be good. But I can’t really give this episode much credit if all it really did was serve as a promo for future episodes.

Anyone else think it was ridiculous that this top secret criminal lab that moves its location every week in order to hide from the international spy agency that’s hunting it would allow one of the supersoldiers who they’re forcing to work for them with death threats to carry around his cell phone so he can get calls from his sister?

Overall, a great episode. As a first half finale, it tied together several strings that have been dangling through the series to date, and left plenty to speculate about while waiting for the second half of the season.

I like Peterson. Good actor, and I like his third-string semi-super status. Didn’t come close to beating Captain America’s time in the bulldozer blocking sled drill, but still way badder than any normal human could be.

Also like that I was right in an earlier thread about May being the real badass of the team, able to kick Ward’s ass without really working all that hard.

If I haven’t guessed it before—and I don’t think I have—I’m now guessing that it was May that dropped Skye at the orphanage.

Question–the enemy super-soldier that Coulson shot–was he the one that died via eye-bomb? Otherwise, the bad guys will have their own non-explosive centipede, and will likely figure out what “fixed” him.

Minor ding–why the constant “there are no psychics” thing? Does Professor X not exist in this version of the Marvel Universe?

Yes, it gets a little weak when their job is to deal with previously unknown phenomena on a weekly basis.

“Has anyone considered the possibility this is the work of a telekinetic?”
“There’s no such thing as telekinesis.”
“Didn’t we fight a telekinetic two weeks ago?”
“No, that guy was a pyrokinetic. That’s totally different.”

I agree. And there was some stilted acting, too. All felt a bit too melodramatic for me.

Nice cliffhanger, though.

Wouldn’t it make the show a lot more enthralling if they had cameos, appearances, or just more references to major heroes from the MU. Let me know if I’m out of place here or just repeating old ideas. I’m pretty new here. And don’t get me wrong either, I don’t mean bring Robert Downey Jr. on the show, there are plenty of heroes not yet in films to choose from.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is woven into a lot of superhero-related activities. Why focus on the missions that they have been in the show?

As for this episode, I too wondered if the Centipede superhuman who got shot with the stun gun was the same one that died. It would make for an interesting development if S.H.I.E.L.D. unwittingly gave Centipede the formula they’ve been looking for.

Also, with everything that S.H.I.E.L.D. knows about what Centipede is capable of doing, why wouldn’t they put the black superhuman’s(forgot his name) son and sister in protective custody. They had to have known that Centipede might go after his family to get to him, once they saw he hadn’t exploded like the rest of their experiments. I mean this stuff is what they freakin do for a living, you would think S.H.I.E.L.D. would have contingency plans for their contingency plans…

Anyone else think that Peteron, in his super suit, looked a little like FroZone fom The Incredibles?
No? Ok, then.

Hell, you’d think that an agency like that would be able to monitor and record a cell phone conversation between an agent they don’t trust fully and his kid that takes place on a sooper-sekrit spy plane!

Not my favorite episode, but at least we will get movement on the Coulson arc.

I envision some dialogue from the next exciting episode:

Raina: Agent Coulson is our prisoner.
Po: Really? Then why do I get the impression he’s the only one who wants to be here.

First of all, Ruth Negga is very pretty. I would like for there to be more women in this world of mixed Irish/Ethipoian heritage. Being of Irish descent myself, I volunteer my services in this pursuit.
Overall, I liked it. Not mentioned much in this Thread, but I really liked the Po character. He’s intriguingly mysterious and I like the way the actor approaches it.

Peterson’s suit was fine and totally in keeping with the battle suits we’ve seen in this Universe . . . but they built up to a really cool reveal of the suit and the big reveal just did not deliver. Like I said, the suit is in keeping with what we’ve seen but that build-up . . . that build-up had me anticipating an “Awesome!” moment. I was disappointed when they didn’t deliver.

Fitz seemed a little bi-curious in this episode.

Didn’t deliver yet. Mike isn’t dead - not by a long shot. No body - no death. That’s written down somewhere. Between his suit and his augmentation, he escaped and will be back in January. Probably not the next episode, but I wouldn’t discount even that.

Come to think of it, I retract some of my previous post. If Coulson can bug a business card, he surely would have bugged Mike’s cell phone. He knew what was going to happen!

No, I meant the big reveal didn’t deliver. There was a big build-up of “Oh boy, get ready to see how cool Mike looks in his awesome bad-ass suit! Squee!”
And then . . . meh.

That I’ll agree with. Seems like they had the same tailor Professor X used in X-Men.

*Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things?

Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex? *

Pretty disappointing for me. Cliched and boring. Raina and Poe are awful and the ending was a mess.

I’m trying very hard to like this show, and am willing to forgive a lot. But this one was a nosedive.

I agree with this. I have very little doubt it’ll be revealed Coulson was aware he was going to be kidnapped and Peterson is alive and working with him. I mean right before he was taken, Coulson was telling May she should take over if anything happened to him. And Peterson would have been given a death scene with Ace if he had actually died.

I think it was. There’s at least a 50-50 chance - the guy who Coulson shot wasn’t the crazy bearded super-soldier.

But even so, they said earlier that it was shooting Peterson with the serum in the moments before he was about to explode that fixed him. So shooting a centipede at any other time may not actually fix him.

It was a trap?

Yeah, the escaped bad guy had just said “let’s stop running.” So my take was that he then told everybody to make sure they could be found.

But what was scarier was that based on that trace the warehouse was only about a mile from my apartment. And I saw nothing! S.H.I.E.L.D. is good at keeping things hushed up.