Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E15: Yes Men (spoilers)

Great point! I’d forgotten all about that. Also

Sif mentioned that Lorelei escaped using Loki’s secret pathways out of Asgard. Perhaps this is setting up a Loki/Lorelei alliance for either a future S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, or the next Thor movie.

That is a good point. Especially since Sif said Odin (Loki) ordered her to bring Lorelei back alive. So Loke managed to combine torturing Sif a bit, since she and Lorelei clearly had some history, with using Lorelei in some future plot of his.

I’d love that. Also, what is this “weakness” than men have which gives Lorelei power over them? I’m sure it’s got something to do with sex. Send in the gay male SHIELD agents!

“You will love me and worship me and do my bidding!”
“You wish honey.”

Yeah, I caught that as well and I thought this last week, but that line certainly adds weight to the theory that the blue mystery meat is Kree.

Maybe May is just watching Coulson for Fury…

So when you’re carrying a tranquilizer gun, and you’re fighting a goddess, when you turn around and she’s standing right there, you’re supposed to pull the trigger and keep pulling it until it stops making loud noises, all while hoping that the OTHER goddess in the fight wonders what all the noise is about and comes to see what’s going on.

Unless you’re the best, brightest, toughest warrior that SHIELD can produce, in which case, by all means, let the lady, who’s trying to build up an army, and has the power to beguile men with her voice, TALK TO YOU.

Ward is an idiot. Or the writers were.

It’s possible that her mojo was strong enough to keep him from pulling the trigger while she got close enough to touch him.

But she also made a major point about putting loyalty to her group above her personal interests. So she will definitely feel she should tell Odin when she returns to Asgard.Which, as has been pointed out, means she’ll actually be telling Loki that the guy he thought he killed is still alive. Loki, naturally, will figure out a way to pass this information on to Thor in the most harmful manner. Probably by emphasizing how untrustworthy those humans are.

One thing that rang false to me was Coulson’s reaction when he let Simmons and Skye out of their lock-up. Simmons was ready to attack him and asked him “Are you really you?” And Coulson got annoyed and said “Of course I am.”

Well, actually, Phil, it was a reasonable question. There’s an alien on the plane that has mind control powers and has taken over the other men on the plane. Simmons would have been foolish to just assume you were okay.

I suppose I have only myself to blame for not watching the episode instantly, but the two points I wanted to make were already taken.

It’s really hard to overstate them, though. SHIELD sends a team of men against an Asgardian who can make men do whatever she wants. How do we ever take SHIELD seriously after that? (Not to mention that they let someone ride a motorcycle away from a combat operation without bothering to notice.) And Ward failed to shoot twice; once against Lorilei and the second time against May. He knows that the gun just puts people to sleep. Shooting first is the entire point of such a weapon. Spielberg isn’t going to change the show retroactively. When the plot requires - requires! - that the characters be idiots, the show fails no matter what else is going on. Damon Knight called this an idiot plot 60 years ago. There’s never an excuse for it today.

And I just assumed that May was talking to Fury at the end.

That would be the logical assumption. May was recruited by Coulson, not assigned to him, so whatever group she is reporting to she was a member of before the team was formed. Either that, or she was contacted and recruited by someone she trusted, like Fury or Hill.

It also occured to me on rewatching that Ward could also have the hots for Simmons, which would be a nice twist on things.

“It’s all connected.”

Or Fitz. They seem to have bonded over that mission in Russia.

SO agreed. The really frustrating thing is that it wouldn’t have taken more than a very minor re-write to fix the massive plot holes while leaving the rest of the episode the same. Have Ward hanging back with the SUVs, a bunch of female agents head in, and then Lorelei sneaks up behind him and touches him. Presto. Instead that stupidity was just SO STUPID that it completely ruined what was otherwise at least a potentially interesting episode.

FWIW, they did mention that Ward had caches of equipment around, so that may well not have been an ICEr that he was pointing at May.

However, having everybody wander around the plane without them when they KNEW Ward had been mind-controlled is raucously stupid.

They wouldn’t have even have had to make any special mention of it. Just show a normal Shield operation like we’ve seen in other episodes and just use all women. We’d have been able to put the dots together in our heads.

The agents were all in black SWAT gear except the leads. I am pretty sure the voices I head saying clear were female.

Same here; on the second raid, at least, I’m pretty sure the only guys were Coulson and Ward.

This seems to be commonly believed. I suppose many people assume everyone on US banknotes were Presidents, judging by other phrases I’ve heard (like calling cash “Dead Presidents”).

I think the weapon Ward had while fighting with May was a real firearm. At least when May held up the magazine she had pulled, they sure as hell looked like normal FMJ rounds, not the glowy blue bullets you’d expect a night-night/ICER to use.

And goddamit - why is a government agency like SHIELD using weapons with a magazine disconnect! Is Nick Fury from Massachusetts or something?

I prefer to believe that Rooster thought it was simpler to tell Lorelei that Ben was a former President, rather than explaining why the largest denomination bill commonly available DOESN’T have a former President.

I think it was just that Rooster was not suppose to be all that smart or educated and probably really didn’t know better.

I was hoping that was the case but I really didn’t watch/listen closely enough. Otherwise it is especially poor writing. They required Lorelei to actually touch Ward to take complete control, making him seem somewhat mentally stronger but same result in the end.

Please, please don’t do a Ward/Skye relationship, but I think it’s inevitable. :frowning:

I love the “May as Mole” subplot. Most likely she’s reporting to Fury but anything is possible with Joss.

The respect shown from Sif to Coulson was a nice touch. I just wish he’d stop acting so foolish and actually be the super agent he’s meant to be.