Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E15: Yes Men (spoilers)

Another question: Would an ICER even work on an Asgardian?

Still doesn’t excuse Ward from emptying the weapon into Lorelei the second he saw her. But he got himself some alien tail out of it, so it’s all good.

Did everybody catch the brief snippet of May from next week’s special?

In the midst of a fight, yelling “It’s not what you think!” I surmise she gets caught narking on the team and somebody gets pissed.

Decent episode, but the one thing I’m beginning to hate about the show is the relationships. So, Ward and May are no longer together, and Skye likes Ward,
but Ward likes Simmons or Skye, and Fitz likes Sky and Simmons like Fitz and that guy from the other week likes Simmons etc etc etc. I realise this show is probably shipper paradise at the moment, but if I wanted plots like that, I would watch bad soap operas. I hope these plotlines get resolved and forgotten about very quickly.

Do we know where this fits with chronologically with Cap 2? Is Fury off grid because events in that film have already started, or is he just avoiding Coulson?

Just a guess, but I think AoS is setting up Cap2. Based on the Cap trailer, I think if there had been helicarriers battles over DC, our heroes probably couldn’t have gotten a team together to take down a biker bar.

Another thing that *AoS *has to be careful of is to not be spoiler-y about *The Winter Soldier. *

My guess would be that any TWS cross-over elements aren’t likely before April 15, or even April 22.

Except since he knows what her powers are, and he’s holding a nonlethal gun, he should have been firing the moment he spotted her. There’s zero reason to even negotiate with her at that point. What re you even going to say? Just knock her out asap so you can get the collar on her.

Yeah, not using an all woman task force lead by Lorelei and Ming Na was so stupid it pulled the steam out of the episode.

Plus, I don’t care about the Ward/Ming Na relationship so don’t care about a strained relationship.

Ward and May ought to go back to business as usual, being top level trained professionals and all. We’ll see. Fitzsimmons is a thing, and nothing should interfere with it. Skye bugs me and always has. Everyone loves her! Gah! And now she wants to “train harder than evah!” In no time she’ll be perfect at everything and everyone will love her even more, and just in case the audience doesn’t get it, they’ll keep telling us.

At which point Joss will kill her pointlessly.

I think Skye is River Tam and Buffy. Joss loves his River Tams and Buffys.

He loves Buffy enough to have killed her twice.

Lorelei? Do you mean Sif?

No, no. You’re supposed to say “except we’re not calling them that.” I totally set that up! :slight_smile:


Yeah but she got better.

Speaking of Thor and Heimdall, I assume Heimdall knows Son of Coul is alive, if he ever bothered to glance that way. I also wonder if Heimdall can see the Guest House secret base, or if it was hidden from him, similar to its being hidden to the Clairvoyant. Also, can Heimdall see the Clairvoyant?

Not that Heimdall can call up Shield with a cell phone or anything, but it would be nice if they asked Sif to have Heimdall have a look into a few things.

I think at the moment the only creative input Joss has on SHIELD is how he cashes his paycheck.

My prediction? Fitz gets a large sharpened tree trunk through the torso 30 seconds after finally proposing to Simmons.

Officially, probably. Unofficially, he could quite easily drop a few suggestions over dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.

i’m in total agreement about the stupidity of bringing Coulson and Ward on the raid to catch Lorelei. Don’t they have mission briefings about these things? This should have been the top item:

  1. if you’re a male, and see Lorelei, incapacitate her ON SITE. BEFORE she can even speak. And whatever you do, DON’T LET HER TOUCH YOU.

Ward not only doesn’t ‘ice’ her on site, but also lets her approach him, and then touch him. Why didn’t he fire once she started moving towards him? One could maybe say that her speaking slightly entranced him, so he couldn’t fire, but for someone at his level, probably with anti-brainwashing/mindcontrol training, that’s quite a stretch… My wife kept yelling at the screen “shoot her! shoot her!”, nope…

Another thing that bothered me… Ward has the gun on May. Lorelei (i think?) comes up to Ward and kisses him. He closes his eyes and kissed back. I’m yelling “grab the gun! grab the gun!” at May. Again, nope.

Fitz is one hell of an engineer. Repaired a “magical” Asgardian device he’d never seen before over a commercial break…