Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S01E15: Yes Men (spoilers)

It was probably just a loose wire.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to do a repair over a clean commercial break, I think you’re thinking of a comminuted break- that would require mad skillz.

I assumed Lorelei fixed it to use as a lure to get Sif into the box.

Are you kidding? They can’t even get other units within SHIELD to cooperate with them without resorting to kidnapping, threats of violence, and blackmail.

That seems unlikely. Why would Lorelei repair the one weapon that could defeat her? It would have worked just as well as a lure in its non-working state.

Maybe the new CA movie will address this but I am still wondering if the TV show is going to ever address the fact that The Avengers revealed the people at the top of SHIELD are actually assholes. If they had their way, NYC would be a radioactive hole in the ground.

Based on the trailers, I’d guess that that very point will be at the heart of the movie.

It slipped my mind that today was Tuesday and I forgot to watch the show tonight. But it appears it was a special about the movies. Is that correct?

And also about the show.

Did I catch a glimpse of Ant-Man?

I think so…

Just how spoilery is the ABC special?
When the recent new trailer for The Winter Soldier came out, I decided to avoid it- I had seen the original trailer, and the movie’s coming out soon anyway, so I didn’t want to see any more footage until I go to see the movie. Also, I do not watch the “scenes from next week’s episode” teasers at the end of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So, I guess I want to avoid the ABC special . . . but I also kinda want to watch it.

Really not all that spoilery (if you’ve followed along at all) - just avoid the last 15 minutes of the special if you’re overly concerned.

On second thought - definitely avoid the lsat 15 minutes as they do give away a major element of the Winter Soldier. (one I already knew, so it didn’t bother me - but if you’re truly spoiler free so far - avoid it)

I was pretty surprised they did that. Doesn’t bother me, but it might upset some people.

Glad I’m not the only one who thought that not using an all-female task force to go after Lorelei the first time was really, really dumb. At least it looked like they learned their lesson when they tracked them down in Vegas.

They made it pretty clear that it was a woman, and it’s gonna be someone on the Bus, so it’s either Skye or Simmons. And I really doubt it’s Simmons, so…

Yeah, the Ward/May romance never did anything for me, so I can’t get too upset that it’s gone now. But a Ward/Skye one is even worse!

I found the last two episodes to be some of the better ones. Not just because of the comic book tie-in stuff, but it seems to help (I had no prior knowledge of Lorelei, but just having Sif show up, or guys like Thor and Loki constantly referenced is nice).

Was thinking the same thing.

Good point! When they first came on the plane and he told Sif the device was in another room, I figured he was under the control of Lorelei. But… turns out the device WAS fixed after all! Hmm.

It was a spoiler to me, but it doesn’t really bother me either.

Yes, and also (spoiler for Avengers 2) A prop and concept art of Hulkbuster Armor.

Muldoonthief, that last one isn’t technically a spoiler.

In whichever Iron Man reveals that Tony took roughly 6 months to go from Mark 6 to Mark 40something, there’s a shot of them in wire-form via Jarvis, and also at the end of the film when all of them are going gangbusters on the industrial park, there are some very nice establishing shots of the more interesting variants.

However, I’ll still box it for the lesser-obsessed among us. :smiley:

Nah, it’s still a spoiler.

The armor they show was absolutely NOT in the final scenes of IM3. It was significantly larger than Igor, and had the standard red/gold coloring. If the real Hulkbuster armor had been in IM3, it would have been noticed & mentioned. And I forgot to mention the concept art showed the Hulkbuster armor being used for its primary purpose.