Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S02E04: Face My Enemy (open spoilers)

What evidence do we have that they even know who 33 is? Serious question. I don’t recall her ever being referenced by the good guys. She should be in Natasha’s data dump, but when did Skye or someone else tag her?

33 was one of the people Coulson was traveling around the world trying to recruit. He and May had a conversation where they speculate that Hydra got to her first or something. I believe it was the bit where he mentioned his upgrade from the airline was the best part of the trip.

Agent 33 was referenced at the beginning of the previous episode. Coulson was trying to recruit her to the “new” SHIELD but she was nabbed by HYDRA. The first time we see here she’s already in the brain washing machine but presumably Coulson and May saw her file before that.

I just rewatched the scene and May sees 33’s face clearly when she opens the hotel room door and she starts to fight with her. There’s no mask and she has a clear view. Bashki comes in wearing the mask but 33 didn’t wear one until after they capture May.

OK, got it. I missed the very beginning of last week, so my bad.

I still don’t think they know Coulson is infected with blue goo, though. That will come out later, when they’ll offer him a deal. Do X and we’ll tell you what we know about the mystery.

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Well, Garret also had the blue goo, and Shield and Hydra were both after the painting with the blue goo schematic drawing thing on it. So they at least know that the blue goo is connected to the schematic drawing somehow.

And Raina knows that Skye’sDad has a connection to it as well. The questions is Does Hydra know about Skye’sDad? If they don’t, what will happen when they find out?

It’s implied that Coulson knows who 33 is (he went to go meet her, seemed to know her beyond the dossier), but does May necessarily know her? Although it’s not like there are so many high Level SHIELD operatives that they wouldn’t have run into one another…

Ward told Skye about it and Ward was Hydra. Unless he was told it in confidence by Garrett we can assume someone in Hydra knows.

But Hydra was decimated by the data dump as well, so maybe not. It’s entirely possible that they’re floundering around as badly or worse than SHIELD.

Does (what’s left of) S.H.I.E.L.D. know about the HYDRA brainwashing tech at this point? If not, they may simply be writing Agent 33 off as “yet another double-crossing HYDRA mole in our old organization” and/or “opportunistic rat-fink who went over to the Dark Side as soon as the going got rough”.

Yes, Ward told Fitz about it. That’s what made Fitz stop killing Ward and run upstairs to send a message to the team.

At least that’s my interpretation of that scene.

I know, I’m just on my second fucked up DVR from Comcast and I only got the first one in May. Can’t record programs when after about 48 hours of being turned on (every damned time), I can watch the thing reboot itself endlessly until it completely powers off.

But that’s my problem and a hijkack. Sorry. Tell me more about AoS, since I can’t freaking watch it.

Is agent 33 played by the same actress that plays the computer chick on Castle?

Ah, OK.

Yes, she is.

The thing is if you’re paying an actor something like ten thousand dollars an episode, you have to have a reason to keep them around. Otherwise you send their character off on a mission like they did with Patton Oswalt.

Mac’s original purpose was to wean Fitz off his Simmons hallucination and get him back to reality. But that seems to be accomplished. The show’s now got to find another purpose for the character or write him out.

She wasn’t nearly naked enough.

[sub]I was hoping for a SHIELD barer…[/sub]