Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S02E04: Face My Enemy (open spoilers)

“Face My Enemy”
Writer: Drew Greenberg
Director: Kevin Tancharoen

I have an early morning tomorrow, and haven’t watched the show yet, so I won’t be doing a recap, (Well, I probably will tomorrow, because I have fun doing them) but I wanted to put the thread up to give people a place to talk about the episode. (I don’t post much in the threads after the recaps, but I always enjoy reading everything. Every-time I get back to the thread to comment someone else seems to have said what I wanted to say!)
BTW: thanks to amanset for the God Help The Girl correction last time! I’m still happy they used it in the episode.

Looking forward to see where they go after the intrigue from last episode. (I hope it’s good!)

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I liked it. Good action, several entertaining twists, some humor, some eye candy, some incremental arc advancement. Looks like next week could debut a new “gifted” player.

This season is ramping up nicely. I’m looking forward to what’s in store.

“It was a dark time.” :wink:

Caught a continuity error with Talbot’s glass - first a highball glass, then a rocks glass. Rookie error.

Agreed - it was fun. Watching 50-year-old Ming Na spliced into the May v. May fight scenes gave hope to my tired old bones :wink:

Someone on the writing staff really liked the Embassy party scene in True Lies. A couple weeks back, I was actually thinking Clark Gregg or Ming-Na would be great to have on Dancing With the Stars.

Enjoyed the ep, but that circuit-scrambling device planted on the Bus was ridiculous. “It’s going to blow up the plane?” “Yes, but only after shorting out various electrical circuits that may or may not be relevant, one by one, and if we find a way to stop it, all the equipment that appears to have blown up will magically start working again”.

OTOH, I could watch Ming-Na kicking her own ass in a lingerie and a sheath dress all night long.

Definite fan service there.

I like the way Fitz is progressing. They’re not going to fix it one episode and he’s not going to magically get better. They’re showing the team bonding over a crisis situation (although I thought the sabotage device was pretty lame too) in a realistic (or at least comic book realistic) way.

I hate the face changing device, too easy. There’s a real danger of using cheap writing with that and the brain washing. I prefer real people and real motivations, but it is a comic book come to life.

Why did Coulson hold his own against Agent 33 and then May have trouble with her. She should have wiped the floor with her doppleganger.

“I can’t believe I’m the only one seeing this”

The B plot was mega-stupid. On the up-side:

  1. This episode had just the right amount of Ward in it.
  2. Great fight choreography.
  3. Lingerie fighting that actually made plot-sense.
  4. Good re-use of Black Widow’s electro-face mask from The Winter Soldier.

Some speculation:

a. Lola will be a key plot point later this season. b. Mockingbird will turn out to be Hunter’s ex. c. When Bakshi gets his later on this season (he’s a Little Bad, and they always die before the season is over) it will be at the hands of someone who is “complying.”

Drew Greenberg gave everybody some good lines this week as well.

Dude was double fisting?

Well, it was Bakshi in disguise, so anything’s possible. :wink:

This episode also shows that Lucy Lawless will return. They are keeping secondary guest stars around for multiple appearances, so there is no way they would burn Lucy’s character on a one and done. She’ll be back, and Hunter will have to choose between her and the team he has bonded with.

“She just said more words than I’ve heard her say in a year.”

Phil and May cut a mean rug, Kinda wondering why May would be so averse to wearing heels and attending a ball.

Nice finishing move by May in the catfight

What I would like to see is Fitz getting a pair of google glasses, He seems to have a communications problem, so predictive text might be a good solution for him.

Not too much cartoony in this one, feels like the show is finally getting on track.


I have to feel there’s some other shoe that’s going to drop with Mac. So far all he’s done in the series is serve as a means to help get Fitz back. And now that that’s on track, Mac’s role seems superfluous. Is he going to be killed or will a new aspect be revealed to his character?

He can’t die until he fixes Lola.

Love the show and the plotline of the ep was nice, but I thought the fight scene was craptastic.

I liked how May’s laughter caused them all to be totally confused and concerned.

Ming Na as cheesecake really showed off how amazing she looks.

It also kinda looked like the Project Runway dress they had her in wasn’t as well-fitted when she was playing 33-as-May. Since the entire time they were doing the disguise montage, I was eyerolling over the convenience of 33 being the “same” height, build, and complexion (and hair length, apparently) as May. I wouldn’t be surprised at the other yabbos not noticing “May” was suddenly wearing shoes that didn’t fit, or whatever, but Phil would’ve noticed right away.

Really? He seems pretty safe. He’s the mechanic. You know who I am worried about? Trip. That dude basically does drive-by scenes with Skye. He should be the field agent go to, not the Hunter guy. I guess Trip is the pilot when May is away?

I thought it was strange that neither Coulson or May seemed to react to Agent 33 (that was 33 from last episode right?) They were trying to recruit her last episode, but didn’t seem to know who she was this episode. Did I miss last week that they believed she had been recruited by Hydra? I thought they thought Hydra had taken her out.

Also, Coulson has revealed to Hydra that he’s damaged and his time is running out.

I also don’t find Whitehall interesting in the least. He’s not even as good as that evil billionaire from last season. My hope is that he’s a mid-season bad guy and we get someone more dynamic later.

When did the good guys ever discover it was 33 behind the mask? Coulson never saw here unmasked. Neither did May. The electric shock she gave 33 shorted a bit of the mask, but not all of it.

All Coulson revealed to 33 was that he is the current head of SHIELD. I doubt 33 could put the pieces together about his conversation with “May.”

Whitehall is probably the “Little Bad,” to be bested before discovering the “Big Bad” later on. My current theory has Baron Strucker as the Big Bad of the season.

I thought May saw her face when she broke into the hotel room and saw the HYDRA files? She started fighting the two of them before 33 got her with the stun gun.

Yeah, they showed that basically any blunt force or electrical interference caused the mask to short circuit. I assumed that both Coulson and May saw enough of her real face to recognize it.