Agents of SHIELD: S4 E1 "The Ghost" 9/20/16 [edited title]

It’s that time again! Now at 10:00 PM which should allow for more “adult” plot lines. At least there was a lot of blood splatter in this episode.

We start with Daisy chasing after some goons and beating them up rather handily when a car approaches; who could it be? After some pyrotechnics and blood the mysterious driver takes off with a captive and Quake disappears into the night sky. Back at base we see Coulson and Mac are now field operatives who aren’t allowed anywhere near Daisy, May is training a SWAT team, Fitz is in the lab, and Simmons is now the Director’s (unseen and unnamed) right hand. Tension abounds, things aren’t like they used to be back in the good old days. Mac and Coulson head to LA to covertly search for Daisy, tipped off by May. YoYo has the hots for Mac something awful and is pretty up front about it. She appears to be just a contractor with her own agenda now, not part of SHIELD. But Mac stays true to his orders and nothing happens. YoYo meets up with Daisy on a city bus and gives her some meds to help with the broken bones from overusing her powers. They appear to be in contact semi-regularly.

The Chinese gang (who really cares where they came from) investigate the haul from the truck heist that started this whole caper, with Mac and Coulson observing electronically. When they open the box things get a bit weird and Mac calls in for help. Coincidentally, May and Mayettes arrive at exactly that time (Mac looking at his radio in disbelief is priceless, he gets the best takes on the show) and clean up the mess. The ghost that came out of the box and caused all the mayhem disappears without anyone noticing it. Daisy starts tracking down this Ghost Rider as he’s known, who she thinks is a serial killer. She figures out where to look and meets Robbie Reyes at the junkyard where he works and a fight breaks out. Daisy holds her own until Robbie goes full on Ghost Rider. He says he kills only people who deserve it, Daisy says she deserves to die but Ghost Rider thinks otherwise and leaves. The next day she’s watching Robbie help his paralyzed brother and realizes that there’s more going on with this guy than just a vigilante.

Fitz goes over to Radcliff’s house to watch a football game and meets Aida, the Life Model Decoy he has built. Fitz is horrified, but eventually comes around to the side of perfecting it before they tell the director. Since Simmons is going completely by the book he’s now keeping secrets from her. Back on the plane, May briefly sees Coulson go all dark and scary (just like the Chinese in the warehouse) but assumes it’s because she’s tired.

Not a bad starting episode but nothing wildly impressive. I’m still not clear on this take on the Ghost Rider - spirit of vengeance and all that. Quake is a fairly boring character - and she wears way to much dark makeup. She’s my least favorite part of the show. The intrigue at SHIELD is mildly interesting; let’s see how it all plays out. I hope the new director is an interesting character. Right now the only really interesting characters on the show are Mac, Coulson, and Radcliff.

I’ve been enjoying and defending this show since it started, but man, this season opener left me cold. I know they took it from the comics, but Ghost Rider in a car is just wrong, wrong, wrong. And the intrigue they’re building around the new Director is stupid. It’s not Talbott, it’s not Radcliffe, so whoever they pick is going to be a letdown. I hope it improves.

Apparently the Director is a new character, according to imdb.

Evidently Ghost Rider with a car is a thing:

It just doesn’t seem right to me either. Wouldn’t that be Ghost Driver?

When they added Ghost Rider they lost me completely.

Was May and her team there at the docks virtually? I mean were they using the virtual reality tech that Fitz/Simmons were working on in the beginning of the episode. I thought at one point she had put on some special goggles that interfaced with the computer Mac was using. Or did I miss something else?

No, the virtual reality thing was for training purposes, but you can be sure it will be used for more than that before the end of the season. The team was there for real, Simmons sent them on assignment to get Coulson away from Daisy.

Right, but they hooked up the VR goggles to Mack’s surveillance cameras, so they knew exactly where the bad guys were as they were clearing the building.

It would have been better if they showed the view from the goggles, with outlines of the bad guys behind the machinery, but apparently they blew the FX budget on that awful Ghost Rider skull. Seriously, Nick Cage’s GR looked much better.

They have lost Ward/Hyde.

They got screwed over Bobbi and Hunter.

Can’t care about this show much anymore.

I almost started a thread about this last night as there wasn’t one. But, I was tired and didn’t know if it should be an episode thread, or a whole season thread. Wasn’t sure anyone would respond to it. :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, glad there is still interest. I’ve been hearing a lot of disappointment about it. Don’t know why really. I’m still enjoying it.

Nice to see Yo Yo again, but I miss the other guy who can melt & reshape metal. It was nice to have a gay character, but I liked him besides that. Yo Yo REALLY has the hots for Mac, and has lost her shyness & reticence about working with Shield.

Will they bring back Bobbi & Hunter? Pretty please?

When I heard they were bringing in Ghost Rider I was, “really? Of all the characters they could bring in?” Oh, well. He seems okay. Not digging the car but I guess I’m okay with that too. Maybe motorcycles are harder to work with. Nice that they’re bring the magic/mystical into the show.

A.I.D.A the [del]sex robot[/del] LMD should be fun. She’s not built to be a weapon, just for defense. Right. I’m sure nothing will go wrong with Radcliff and Fitz drooling all over her, trying to make her “perfect.” Why was she naked? Oh, um… I had to make some adjustments, and um… stuff.

Coulson’s arm keeps getting better and better. He’s essentially a superhero himself now.

Simmon’s has developed a lot. No longer the shy little scientist nerd.

Not sure about the box with the ghost in it. Is it connected to Ghost Rider? Is it something from the comics? Is there something special about Coulson it’s possessing him but not driving him crazy or killing him?

The characters feel like family. I enjoy the banter.

No question at all as to whether I’m in for the season.

Since the way they got rid of them was so hokey I would hope they can bring them back. But I haven’t heard any rumors about it yet. We can hope.

Coulson never encountered the ghost, he wasn’t in the room. The ghost seems to affect what people see - the Chinese gang leader saw his henchmen looking evil but I don’t think their outward appearance really changed. It’s May who’s being affected by the ghost, she’s starting to see things. We say the ghost go behind her at the end of the warehouse scene, and the implication is that she was affected.

So, are they gonna make this version of Ghost Rider an inhuman, or is that their route towards introducing the magical dimension of Marvel into the TV universe prior to the release of Dr. Strange? If it’s the former, I don’t think I’ll be terribly interested—attempts to streamline the origin of enhanced persons always seem to fail, like on Smallville where everything was due to kryptonite. It just never comes together.

Yes, that almost seemed like parody. Look, I’m all on my own and edgy and stuff now, time to go nuts with the kohl!

Come to think about it, with the whole ‘kill me, I deserve it’ guilt trip with Ghost Rider obviously seeing the good in her and sparing her, the whole character seems like parody by now…

Ah, okay. Thanks. May is possessed. Well, if it’s got something to do with Ghost Rider that will bring Daisy back to the team.

It was nice seeing Madalena, specially so much of her. I hope they stick with Ghost Rider being supernatural and not something lame like an inhuman, with Doctor Strange coming up it really isn’t as weird as it could be.

I look forward to many many “the holodeck is malfunctioning again” episodes.

Ms. Cups and I had a discussion as to how she can afford to buy all her eyeshadow, and how it isn’t constantly running down her face given she’s wearing ALL BLACK in CALIFORNIA DURING THE SUN.

Other than that, I’m happy it’s a new look for SHIELD. It’s almost as if they’re starting over and that excites me.

I don’t like the use of Ghost Rider here. It’s almost as if they’re trying to mirror Gotham in that it’s a new character every season. I was also a really big fan of the Johnny Blaze 'Rider…so I’m not liking Ghost Driver here.

Then again, this is SHIELD we’re talking about. The moment it starts getting thiiiiiis close to stupid, it turns itself around and starts getting sooooo good.

I don’t think she’s quite there yet: IIRC, her reaction was along the lines of “everyone has a weak spot.” I think she’s still after him.

Oh, he’s her next boyfriend.

Probably, and considering her track record with those…

Well, her last boyfriend (actually, both of them together) burned up so we have a track record.