Aggravating Things that happen to you.

I subscribe to The Family Handyman. It’s a nice lightweight magazine that I enjoy reading.
Today I received a ‘letter’ (more like a bill) in the mail letting me know that my FREE 30 day preview of the brand new volume of The Family Handyman Make It Last was being sent to me.
I can then…
[li]Write ‘Cancel’ on the letter they sent me (Postage NOT paid on their return envelope!)[/li][li]Review it but decide to cancel within the 30 day period I can send it back (on my dime, I presume) [/li][li]Keep it and conveniently pay 4 payments of $4.99. plus 1 payment of $5.99 shipping and handling! By the way, I just looked this up online and it’s $10.99. I can’t image the latest edition has $15 worth of improvements in it. :dubious:[/li][/ol]

I’m not going to pay to cancel something that is sent to me! Even if it’s as easy as writing ‘Cancel’ and paying the postage back them.

Not sure why this has hit a hot spot with me; but this really irked me! I’m just now starting to calmdown. :mad:

I went to their website and found a ‘chat’ link to ask questions. I stated that anything I receive in the mail from them I was going to assume it was a give and keep it; and there’s no way I’m going out of pocket for even one penny to cancel something I didn’t even order.

So; what’s a minor aggravation that’s happened to you recently that really got you under the collar?

I ordered a set of four nice dinner plates from Pottery, and they were just what I wanted. However, one of them was more than slightly misshapen and exhibited a definite wobble when sitting on a flat surface. I had to take an entire lunch hour to drive to the nearest Pottery Barn store to exchange it for a good flat one. It took them awhile to figure out what it was I wanted and to execute the exchange. I had to grab cheese and crackers at my desk in lieu of a proper lunch.

Hm, I subscribe to Family Handyman too, but I haven’t received such a letter (yet). I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I also subscribe to Astronomy magazine. A few years ago I received a DVD in the mail from them with a similar kind of subscribe or cancel crap for a whole series of these DVDs. I just tossed the DVD and forgot about it. Then I received another letter saying that if I didn’t want the DVD series, I should send the first DVD back to them! WTF. I ignored it, then got another letter. And another. Finally I wrote them a furious email saying that I destroyed the DVD and I didn’t want any more correspondence about it. I got a profuse apology, saying that the DVD actually came from another company that had just paid them to use the Astronomy name, or something like that, and they would talk to the other company about their practices. That’s probably not what’s happening with the FH book though.

BTW, I’m pretty sure that if you receive anything in the mail that you didn’t order, you have no obligation to either pay for it or return it. It’s yours. This cite says it’s a federal law:

OP, this may be relevant:

Another option for sending stuff back without paying postage is to refuse delivery.

Not really. that’s the small print for Build Your Skills; not Make It Last. Though it’s similar.

Like I said in the OP; I shouldn’t have to do anything on my end to NOT accept something (i.e. Write ‘Cancel’ on the item). And also as I stated, forget about the ‘discount’ when I’m finding it online for way cheaper than your discounted price.

It’s a minor aggravation; but an aggravation nonetheless.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, someone pulled out in front of me. No pro-blemo. I’m an excessively mellow driver, practically unflappable as long as I have the radio to play with. Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, the only way my neighborhood is connected to civilization is by a long dirt road across a swampy cow pasture. This person who got out ahead of me proceeded to drive that road at SEVEN fucking miles an hour. Apparently SEVEN mph is the magic speed that turns me into a frothing, screaming murderer, because I ran that SEVEN fucking miles per hour driver off the road, strangled her, and threw her over the fence into a cow patty.

I might have. You don’t know that I didn’t.

Every time I go to bed at night, after about ten seconds of getting into bed, I have to get back up because there’s always that ONE thing I forgot to do.

ETA: Dung Beetle is the funny! :smiley:

I’m glad someone thinks so. :slight_smile:

Three broken intake manifold studs. Drilled out the first one, put in the extractor, and…

… it broke off in the stud. :frowning:

It is a Saga, now. I may have wrecked a very expensive and very rare cylinder head. Double :frowning:

Just a little slice of my daily existence. Stuff like this happens all the time. Triple :frowning:

Nothing upsets me more than Pharmacy rules. Mr.Wrekkers blood pressure pills were recalled. He called his doctor in plenty of time to get it changed. I go to get the new pills, oh noes! We have to fax the office! I said in retort “oh, noes, you don’t, they re-prescribed for him” 3rd visit still no new script. Recall the doctor, they won’t tell me shit, hipa law, I guess.
This is a pharmacy we have used for over 20yrs. Not a big box pharmacy. I don’t get it. When Mr.Wrekker has that heart attack, I am gonna live in the pharmacists new McMansion!

I’m with you here!

My thing with pharmacy rules is that when I need a refill a couple of days before they think I should need it, there’s no way in creation they are going to dispense it early.

On the other hand, when they think I should need a refill, but I don’t, they want me to pick it up yesterday and send me text after text demanding that I do so.

After a few thrifty years of being without, I’ve managed to buy a new computer, a digital camera and get internet/cable in the house.
I bought a nice camera (point&shoot) on Amazon, used/like new. I was relieved when it showed up and was indistinguishable from new.:smiley: I spent 4x more than I ever had on a camera before.

After all the accessories arrived, I took the camera and gorilla pod out to get burgers…:rolleyes:

I put it on top of the van to load the dog:( left it there, made it 1/2 block to the 6 lane highway and it fell off the van doin 50 mph.:smack:

Now it looks like a toothless hobo, but it still works…so I HAVE to use it. I can’t bring myself to replace it just for cosmetics. (Not that I have the cash for that anyway):smiley:

I’m pretty sure I could win the Presidency with my new “Every Menu System and Remote Function on All Streaming Channels Must Be Identical” Party

Everyday I wake up.

Down here, all you have to do is let them know when and where to collect it. You don’t have to do anything else. When they don’t collect it after X days, it’s yours to keep.
I’d be so annoyed by that, that I’d cancel the subscription altogether. Inflicting inconvenience and annoyance on your customers isn’t something I’d want to deal with.

Yes, you could.

Hear, hear. Well, not you. Me.

I’d vote for you just to be able to say, “President Morbo.”

Sometimes I don’t. Those are the good days.

I’m a store cashier. I have a picture on the front of my cash register screen of the three credit cards we take. Yet every day some customers will hand me the one we don’t take.

Some day I’m going to show one of them where they can put their AmEx card, and I"ll lose my job.