Im after a new graphics card but dont know whether i need an AGP or a PCI one.I have a Packard Bell 9750.Anyone know?

Open your computer case, and see if you have a brown expansion slot. If you do, that is your AGP slot. If you only have white, or a combo of white and black slots, then you should probably get a PCI card.

Look in your manual too…PB is still selling computers?

Look at this:

The white slots are PCI slots. They hold just about everything these days… sound cards, modems, network cards, USB cards, and low-end graphics cards.

The brown slot is the AGP slot. I don’t know of any motherboard that has more than one of them, as they’re used only for graphics cards. They’re better than PCI, because they’re typically faster and are specifically dedicated to graphics processing and rendering.

If you have an AGP slot, check your BIOS menu (press DEL at startup of your computer, before Windows starts loading up) to see if it’s 4X AGP compatible. If not, it’s likely to be at least 2X, in which case I wouldn’t recommend anything more than a GeForce-2 MX or equivalent (obviously, the higher the number, the faster data is transferred and such).

remember: you can always try google.

Seems you have to find the MB type out to really know. That seems to be a decent place to start. Good Luck!