How do I find out the speed of my AGP slots?

Hopefully I’ll be getting a new video card in a few weeks, and I’d like to find out the speed of my AGP slots (2x, 4x, whatever).

Is there some way to check this, perhaps in CONTROL PANEL somewhere? Couldn’t find it.

Also, didn’t see it in my BIOS settings. The only reference to my AGP was aperture size, which is set to 64meg.

Well, best way is to check your manual, but short of that, you need to find your mb model number and check it on the web.

You could also try some benchmarking programs, but those usually measure the current speed and not the maximum speed.

I’ll bet there’s no way to get my mb model number without opening up the case, right?

Sure there is. You could try for the make of your MB
Or if your computer is a particular make and model, we can look it up for you…
Or you can try Sisoft Sandra

Great progs, thanks!

Turns out all I had to do was go to the Compaq web site and enter the product number. It’s a 4x AGP.

I’m still surprised it isn’t something you can get from the control panel, though.

Thanks again for the help!

You should be able to find it in windows (well, windows XP, at least. ) Typically if you right click on your desktop, go to the settings tab, then click on the advanced button, you should be able to find, somewhere in all that, exactly what speed your card is running at. Nice to check since I’ve mistakenly had my agp4x running on slower speeds for weeks at a time without knowing it.

And that’s exactly the problem Revtim is trying to avoid. Windows will only tell you what speed the video card is running at, not the max speed of the AGP slot. Since AGP 8x cards won’t fit in an AGP 2x or 1x slot, buying a video card is much trickier than just buying the fastest card you can afford and plug it in.