Ah, My Stabby Old Friend Pleurisy Returns

After a reprieve of 25 years, my old red-hot-poker-rusty-bayonet-blade pleurisy friend has returned to impale me under the right shoulder blade. Yowch, yowch, and double-dog yowch!

I had pneumonia last month and it’s probably the root cause; I finally went to the doc today and got some RXs so I can perform some semblance of breathing.

Any fellow sufferers?

I have had it twice. The first time I was sure that it was my heart and, being a guy, tried to ignore it. Eventually the pain sent me to the hospital. The doctor listened for one breath and diagnosed it. I asked what she could hear and she gave me the stethoscope so I could hear what the squeaking sounded like.

Next time I was able to turn up with my own diagnosis.

Sure hurts so good luck with yours.

Thinking it was heart trouble was what finally sent me to the ER today. Did you have the “extra liquid between layers” or “no liquid betwixt layers” type(s)?

I think no fluid thus the squeaky noise. It was a long time ago though. I remember that it cleared up enough to stop hurting really quickly once treated but took ages to fully get rid of it. I was away from home on holidays which contributed to the reluctance to do anything and was why I was at a hospital and not my doctor.