Pleurisy! ('scuse me)

Sounds like a sneeze. Though it’s more of a cough.

Viral infection, says they. Take some of these extra, extra, extra, extra strength ibuprofen so breathing isn’t so painful, they say. Shot me in the butt with some of the good stuff, they did.

All I know is I got myself down to the emergency room ASAP as soon as I started getting, you know, stabbing pains in my chest. What with all the heart disease that runs on both sides of my family, and here I’ve put putting on some extra poiunds like I was going into hibernation next month, I tend to take that kind of thing seriously. Of course, all I could think of was, cripes, first my gallbladder, now what?

So they took an EKG, took some X-rays, took a lot of blood [Mitch Hedberg]“Never go to see Dr. Acula!”[/MH], had me wait a while in my cool little hospital gown with my ass showing, then came in, stabbed me in the ass, and told me pleurisy.



Oh man, I feel for you.

My college roommate came down with pleurisy right before finals our sophomore year. She was a voice major. One of her “exams” was to perform before an all-faculty jury. She refused to postpone it. She didn’t want an incomplete. To this day, I have no idea how she managed to drag herself out of bed and do it. Never mind that she collapsed afterward, but that’s another story.

I remember her saying that pleurisy felt a lot like having really bad bronchitis – the “speaking from 50 feet underwater”, the congestion, the cough, and, yep, the chest pain every time she moved.

It took her a good month to get over the initial stage, maybe a month or two after that before she felt like herself again.

She had a lot of bed rest. She couldn’t really do much of anything except ride it out.

Oh, and she got an “A” on the jury performance.

Oh I feel for you. Wife and I did the late night ER visit for her pleurisy several years ago.

Hey, at least you got stabbed in the ass, that had to be worth it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, man… I feel for you, too. I had a couple bouts with it a few years ago… MAN, that was painful. I was sure I was having a heart attack a couple times. My doctor gave me some good drugs, and I slept a lot.

Hope you feel better real soon!

I’ve had pleurisy a couple of times and you’re right, it hurts like hell. I was luckier than kiz’s friend though – some good meds (some kind of steroid) and I was better in a couple of days.

Sorry you’re feeling poorly!

Oof…yeah, I feel for you as well. The way I always described it to those who have never been there is thusly:

“Imagine that every time you exhale, someone whips a softball right at your sternum as hard as they can. And they have a damn good arm.”

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

I had pleurisy two years ago and it was BY FAR the worst pain I have ever felt. I had to be hospitalized for pain meds after Lortab didn’t do anything to help (this was actually a good thing, since 24 hours later my little pneumonia had become a big pneumonia and I could barely breathe. Sats of 81% on a 27 year old. Not good.) You have my utmost sympathy, cuz I know how bad you must feel. Drink lots of water and take your meds, and get better quick.

I just went through this a little over a month ago. Sucks, doesn’t it?

No strenuous activity for a few days (including that) and you should get better.

And I can sympathize with the whole what-the-hell-else-is-wrong-with-me-now thing. In the last year, I’ve been treated for

[li]Hyperthyroidism that resulted in it getting nuked[/li][li]The aforementioned pleurisy[/li][li]That dermatitis the seemed to pop up with the pleurisy[/li][li]I found out I’m allergic to dust mites, and am going through the whole allergy rigamarole[/li][li]Oh, and I’m getting a vasectomy in a couple of weeks[/li][/ul]

…and if I had the choice of one to take off that list, it would definitely be the pleurisy. Get well soon!

My bro had it when he was 7.

Not fun.

sends good wishes to Anastaseon, along with something to cover that butt before it gets cold, poor thing

Do I need to bring you chicken soup and ice cream?
You need to get better, we have to start going to trivia night again.
I won’t hug, that might hurt your already sore ribs. Just take care, 'k?

Agreed, agreed, 100%. I was just getting my courage balled up to get myself out to another trivia night soon. When the doctor told me I should stay put for a while, take it easy, then my husband enforced the rule, I think I let out the most pathetic whine I’ve ever made in my adult life. Damnit. Especially since I’ve been working my (now stabbed) ass off looking for a job. What happens if a prospective employer calls? Not like the calls have been pouring in or anything, but this would be the time. “Sorry, I can’t work for you right away, I have been sitting on my ass for two and a half years, and now I have to sit on it some more”?

My husband told me to shut up and work on my book. I’d still like to work, damnit.

Ugh. Just venting. I ramble. :smack:

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. They gave me some pretty decent pain meds, so I’m not too bad right now. I slept on the side that hurt last night though, and for some reason, that seemed to help a bit.

Goign through it now, I extend my condolences to all of you that went through it, as well.

Now I gotta rest; I want to make sure I’m well for my birthday in a couple weeks. I wanna go kayaking! :smiley:

So, SDMB membership promotes pleurisy? :dubious: I may have to rethink renewal!

Get well soon, Anastasaeon.

I had it a couple of times as a kid. I seem to recall that a heating pad over the painful place helped. Hope you feel better soon!