Chest pains! Neat!

Famous last words…

Otto? You okay?

Yo OTTO!!!

Where you at?

I promise I didn’t plan it this way…

Well, I typed up a big ol’ opening post but I’m just gonna hit the highlights on the repeat.

Woke up yesterday, Hurt to breathe. Got worse today. Went to urgent care. Nurse was incompetent (actually spent time looking for the ANY key on the EKG machine). Doctor and x-ray tech were nice.

Diagnosis: pericarditis, an inflammation of the pericardium. Treatment: anti-inflammatories. No heavy exertion and no alcohol for several days to a week.

The original OP was much more entertaining.

Perhaps, but you have to admit that there’s no possible better time for the server to lose the OP.

Is the pericardium next to the perineum?

Well good to see you still drawing breath, what a wacky time to lose an OP.

Feel free to ship all the beer in the fridge over to me. :smiley:

Nope. The pericardium is the membrane surrounding the heart.

One thing about Life, you won’t get out alive. I have Cardio-Myopathy, get a new Doctor…

And stay away from Jalapenos…

Just glad to know you’re still with us and well.

wiping her forehead Phew. I was a bit worried.

But that was the perfect timing for an eaten OP, seeing as you’re fine and all. The hamsters have evil little hamster senses of humor, that much is obvious.