Ah, to be 14 and living in Florida

…and in this lady’s class!


Oh yeah, she was crazy.

Boy crazy!

If the jury buys this line of crap, there is no hope.

In other words, she should be acquitted because she’s pretty, and it’s mean to send pretty people to jail.

I think she needs a better lawyer.

You know, this has always kind of pissed me off. If the teacher had been male, and the student female, would you be expressing the same amount of admiration?

Yeah, I’m a guy, and yeah- I would’ve loved to have been in that kid’s shoes when I was in school… but the double standard always irritates me.

That’s the bit that stood out for me, too (well, that and the part where the boy claims she said “she was aroused by the fact that having sex with him was not allowed”). Um, don’t want to go to jail, don’t do crimes? I also notice that the State psychologist found her sane, the defense psychologist found her insane - what kind of freakin’ gong show is this? Oh, wait, it’s in Florida - I’ve read enough Dave Barry to understand that Florida apparently is one large gong show.

Yeah, see, my post was referring to FisherQueen’s post, not Lightnin’s. Although Lightnin’ also makes an excellent point.

Florida IS America’s wang. Just sayin’…

Amen to that. I don’t care what gender they are, if the student’s underage, the teacher should have the book thrown at them. Hard.

Doesn’t change the fact that the lawyer is a moron for using that line of reasoning.

“she was aroused by the fact that having sex with him was not allowed”

Doesn’t that kind of blow her insanity defense completely out of the water???

The legal definition of insanity varies from state to state. In Florida, we employ the M’Naghten Test for an insanity defense: “At the time of the criminal conduct, the defendant lacked the ability to know the wrongfulness or understand the nature and quality of her actions.” So her defense attorney will just have to prove that, and it is quite possible. But people get acquitted by the insanity defense a lot less frequently than movies and TV shows would have you believe.

[Dr. Farnsworth]
Ahh to be young and in love…and also a robot
[Dr. F.]

Holy shit the teacher is pretty smoking. I can’t imagine she would have trouble finding a legal man to bone.

She was married at the time. Her husband isn’t bad-looking either.

About the insanity defense: they have recordings of phone conversations telling the boy not to tell anyone. She made him “pinky promise”. If that doesn’t destroy the whole insanity defense, I don’t know what will.

I am a teacher (well, now I’m a Guidance Counselor :slight_smile: ) in the county that she taught in. I taught 7th Grade Reading, she taught 8th Grade Reading. We were at different schools with similar demographics. I can’t imagine sleeping with any of my students. That idea just sickens me.

They made EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE COUNTY re-do their ethics training, with a special emphasis on not having sex with students. It pisses me off that she tarnished the teaching profession. We have enough problems with image (we shouldn’t complain about low pay-we only work 10 months a year, all we do is sit at desks and bark orders, etc); she certainly didn’t help matters.

Bottom line, Debbie :wally -if you don’t want to go to jail, don’t commit a crime! Personally, I hope she gets the 75 years she is facing and ends up becoming a whole cell block’s plaything. Then again, I heard rumors that she batted for both teams in high school, so she might like that.

How ‘bout 75 years of grading other teachers’ papers? That would get to anybody!

Well, duh. Everyone knows you have to do “Cross your heart and hope to die” in order for it to have any credibility.

Throw the book at her. She did it. She did it on purpose. She did it for kicks. She hurt people. We ought to lock her up to deter other people who want to get their rocks off like this.

Something that saddens me personally is that I’m too old for THE TEACHER. Man, if she wanted to do something wrong, she could have come to me…

A bit like how Bill Wyman, as a wealthy and famous rock musician, could have had his pick of women of legal age rather than knobbing 13-year-old Mandy Smith. I don’t buy this “She must have been insane, because no sane woman would have done this”, line. Is that argument circular, or what?

I heard that quote on NPR (local) this morning. Apparently he doesn’t see the irony in that allowing her to teach was like putting a lioness in with a bunch of raw meat.
I just hope she brings enough pie for everyone.

If she goes to prison, it’ll have to be finger.

Sexual predators don’t all have to be skeevy looking 45 yr old men. Yes, this woman is a stunning beauty (by my tastes), but she still broke our law.

So, this brings up the old, long running debate about what age IS old enough to consent.

When I was a 14 yr old boy, this woman would have fueled all sorts of fantasies for me and my friends. But, what would I think as a parent? Esp if, as has been pointed out earlier, the sexes were reversed (or otherwise changed). What if a fantastic looking male teacher did my daughter? Or if a great looking gay man did my son? Let’s envision it as a lesbian encounter…

Any way we put it, an adult had what our law considers a non consentual sexual encounter with a minor. The question of morality seems a subject for some debate. YMMV