Ah, Well, I Never Liked Working There Anyway

So I get to work this morning, and notice that my time card’s missing. I go track down Mullet Man to see what’s up, and he hauls me into his office, gives me this song and dance about my performance, and then tells me “we’re going to have to part ways.” :eek:

Of course, I’ve gotten no advanced notice of any of this, and until now I thought everything was hunky dory. It does look like there are a couple of good things about this though. One is that even Pete was pissed about them firing me, the other is that since I didn’t get any kind of advanced notice on it, I might be able to draw unemployment, so I won’t starve.


Sorry to hear about it Tuckerfan. I enjoyed the stories you’d post now and then - and I hope you find something more enjoyable, and quickly.

Does this mean no more Pete Puma stories? Damn.

Sorry to hear you were fired, though. That seriously sucks. Did they tell you why, at least?

Now that you have no (or at least less) possible conflict of interest, I suggest writing a book.

Sorry to hear that, Tuckerfan. I’m very tired of being out of work. My ex-fiancée lives in Tennessee, and she says the job scene there is dismal.

Best of luck finding a new (and better!) situation.

Sorry about the loss of income, but after reading your many rants, I can’t say I’m sorry you lost the job. And I’m completely unsurprised that they handled it the way they did. When you have to track somebody down to find out that you’re fired…

Do you think that you’ll be keeping in touch with anyone, if only to see when the trainwreck occurs, if it ever does? (Yes, I guess I’m greedy for more stories.)

First, try the aircraft plant out at the International.

Then apply with the State. We need skilled labor.

[li]Fill out an application. Attach resume & educational records.[/li][li]Copy the application. Make multiple copies. You will need them.[/li][li]Then, go to the Main Personnel office in the Polk Building, downtown. Look through the big books of job classifications.[/li][li]Apply for all the classifications you qualify for, even the ones you don’t want.[/li][li]Apply for the ones that you are close to qualifying for.[/li][li]Give your apps to the lady. They will be reviewed while you wait.[/li][li]Start taking the Civil Service Exams. This will take several days.[/li][li]You are now on the Register. You will be notified about positions by mail. Contacted the people in the letters for interviews.[/li][li]You will be dropped from the register if you interview 3 times without being hired. However, you can get back on merely by phoning Personnel & asking to be re-instated.[/li][li]Keep at it. State work is safe work, & unlikely to be outsourced.[/li][/ul]

Tuckerfan, sorry you lost your job! I’ll miss your Pete Puma stories. I hope you find a much better job (and is it really selfish of me to hope that you have a few crazy co-workers, so we won’t be completely out of funny stories?)

I was laid off over a year ago, and it wasn’t an entirely bad thing, because my boss was nuts, and it was a relief to not have to work with her anymore. She gave me the minimum 30 days notice, so my last day of work was two days before my birthday. Nice birthday present!

So I found a much better job where I have a mostly sane boss (he’s nuts, too, but in a funny way, not in a scary way. And he doesn’t make coffee and leave the empty coffee pot on).

Good luck with the job hunt! You’re obviously very good at what you do, and you deserve a better job, anyway.

Bummer man, I said before I feel like a kindred spirit. You are at where I was 10 years ago. Two jobs later after I’m doing well. The experience adds up and you will find something better.

Network, try to get anybody to help you get a lead for a job. If the machining community is as small there as it is here, somebody may know of an opening in another shop.

Sorry to hear you lost the job, Tuckerfan. Hope better things are in store for you. At least you don’t have to see Braaaaaad anymore, right?

Shucks. Well - everything happens for a reason.

I’m sorry to hear that. I was …ummm… between contracts, for some time as well. I left a place I absolutely hated. It took longer than I’d planned but I found a place I think I’m really going to like. And for me, that’s saying something.

Good luck to you.

My advice, take some training courses that will help you out with achieving your next career goal.

Tuckerfan, I used to be a recruiter for permanent positions in manufacturing, and still have some really good contacts in the recruiting industry that may be able to help you out. My email is in my profile if you want to drop me a message, and I can get you the name of a good guy that would try to help.

Tuckerfan - I’m very sorry to hear it. Hopefully this will lead to something bigger and better for you.


Good on you, Tuck! That place sucked. Good luck with finding a new position.

Tuckerfan, sorry & happy to hear it. Hope you find a new one!

Hard luck, Tuckerfan. snogs May there be a job worth a billion dollars coming your way next!

If only they could read all the stuff you posted…

I’ve been fired before and it sucks in the self-esteem department. However, try to think of it this way: the old job was getting in the way of the new, better job you are going to find now that you have the time to hunt for it.

It’s worth a shot. Here’s to better days and a saner workplace.