Ahh!!!! Swine Flu was at my son's day camp, and we're all gonna die.

Or so the local TV news is saying.

Actually, according to the very weary woman at the front desk of the Y, two children (an infant and a toddler) had stayed in the child care area of the Y while their mother was working out. It turns out they were sick with H1N1, but the symptoms had not yet manifested. When their mother found out and the kids were tested, she immediately notified the Y, who shut down the child care area, and disinfected every surface. The Y also notified the parents of the other children who use the facility. This was two weeks ago.

Today, the local news is now all abuzz about how Swine Flu was at this YMCA where you child goes to Day Camp!

[li]Good on you Mom for letting the Y know when your kids got sick.[/li][li]Good on you Y for taking care of everything quickly and without any fuss.[/li][li]Shame on you Local News for your Fear Mongering. I wonder how many panic stricken hypochondriacs are now bothering that poor lady at the front desk.[/li]Shame on me for bothering her, but we have an infant at home, and Mrs. Magill is taking the oldest up to Chicago to see his great-grandmother, and we’d hate for him to be a carrier, especially into a nursing home.[/ul]

Wisconsin had one of the larger outbreaks and it was mostly children that were reported to have it. They had closed schools to prevent the spread, but closure was stupid considering what I saw. It also explains why it was a larger outbreak. The kids didn’t attend school, but there was no ban on them being out and about together while the parents worked. There were groups of kids wandering all around town. I hope they learn from this before it mutates into a seriously nasty version. Calling off school doesn’t work if you allow them to hang out together all day.:smack:

I heard about that one, too. (I’m in WI, also.)

Quarantine means quarantine!

Also, there’s a lot of hype around H1N1… any variation of the flu sucks and is potentially deadly. They’re not going to shut down every school that has a simple influenza outbreak. Damn fear mongering!

There is some logic over being more cautious than usual regarding H1N1. It seems to spread very easily, and there is not vaccine yet. On the bright side, It doesn’t seem to be very deadly, but that may change as the weather cools off.

But all that aside, my beef is with the local news channels with their fucking scare mongering to beef up ratings.

I’ve still not heard a communicability percentage for this disease yet. Has it been announced anywhere?

My local newspaper here in Anderson, Indiana just printed a letter from a “researcher” from PETA in Norfolk, Virginia (!) that tried to blame H1N1 on factory farming. The fact that it showed up here probably means she sent it to every paper in the country.

Most of the time, PETA is just annoying. This panic mongering crosses the line. Some folks read “swine flu,” and think they can get it from eating pork. It’s having an impact on the piggy farmers, and that’s not fair. No US swine have H1N1, and even if they had, you can’t get the flu from eating the meat.

Oh, geeze, Maus Magill, there was Swine Flu at your son’s day camp and you posted to the SDMB?!?


Well, great. Now I have to go update my anti-virus software. Thanks a lot.

Yes, but if people stop eating pork because they’re stupid and scared, that means there more bacon for the rest of us.

Yes! Step five of my evil master plan is now complete.

They’re working on it…

A mate of mine caught swine flu, and now he’s got a stye on his eye. :frowning:

I had the Swine Flu a few weeks ago…caught it while on vacation in New York. It sucked, because I’m pregnant and so couldn’t take any of the really *good *medicine. But I will say this…it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had much, much worse versions of the “ordinary” flu. I was achy for a couple of days, had a low fever, and a runny nose, and extreme fatigue. But at no point did I want to die, which is a plus.

Fear mongering, indeed. My daughter and husband took Tamiflu and they were just fine, even though they were living in the same house as me.

I’m down with that idea …

mmmmmm bacon

I don’t think anyone relates swine flu to eating pork. How much more do the doctors have to do and say to make it clear.
Swine flu spreads rapidly but is not very dangerous. It’s fatality rate is far below a typical flu. But some doctors are worried about it turning into a new and virulent form.

I’ve got it - confirmed yesterday. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not the worst flu I’ve ever had, by a country mile. Put it this way - I’m ok enough to be sitting up and bored, hence posting here.

Had my flu friend (:rolleyes:) pick up my Tamiflu this morning and I’ve started that, which has made me a bit queasy. Apart from that my main concern is that my family is effectively quarantined and pretty much guaranteed to get it now, and that includes my 2 year old daughter and my 71 year old mother who happened to be staying with us. I’m not expecting a fun couple of weeks.