Ahhh! Jumbo squid! Jumbo squid!

Apparently jumbo squid are invading the waters off the west coast: NY Times AP link

Helllllloooooo, new predator!

The best part? The co-author of the study is Dr. Zeidberg.

Let the Futurama jokes begin.

Forget the Futurama jokes, this is of course the 3rd sign* of the return of Cthulu.

Fear the Old Ones. Prepare for the war to end all wars.

  • The first sign** was of course the rise of sea water levels.
    ** The Second sign was of course the Tsunami

Oh crap. I hadn’t considered that.

Well, hopefully I’ll get killed early on.

The jumbo squid haven’t been around up until now. So what’s taken over the areas they used to be in? What are the jumbo squid fleeing?

The Huns?

Got it covered.:smiley:

Good thinking. Think outside the box. Go with our strength. We can out eat these beasties, We have the numbers, we have the weight advantage. We will eat this invasion away.


Not “fleeing” but following new food types as changes in upwellings have restricted their previous. That they can change what they eat is less astonishing than that they’ve moved from the warm, equatorial climes to even Arctic waters in order to do so.

Great. Now my brain is singing “Jumbo squid! Jumbo squid!” to the tune of that Robin Hood theme song.

Jumbo Squid, Jumbo Squid, riding through the stream
Jumbo Squid, Jumbo Squid, with his band of Bream
Feared by the Shad
Loved by Cichlids
Oh, Jumbo Squid!
Jumbo Squid!
Jumbo Squid!

I’ve never been so glad I moved back East from the West Coast.

(I have an irrational fear of giant squid.)

It’s funny - I went to school with Lou Zeidberg, and I used to work in an office across the hall from Zeke Grader, mentioned later in the story.

It’s obviously far to small a world for some jumbo squid to invade. We need to equip our childrens’ squid launchers with more than two squid to satisfactorily solve this problem.

What the heck are the kids playing with these days? I’d never heard of a squid launching toy before and now I’m too old to enjoy one.

If they come anywhere near me, I’ll repel them with my goat cannon.

Well, if anyone is prepared for a squid invasion, its us Dopers.

That’s the spirit. Now, I need to check our strateegery. As the invasion is by Pacific Squids, sent as “Minions” of “Cthulu” we need to invade Chad* to keep the Squidorist[sup]TM[/sup] off our soil.


  • or maybe the Easter Islands? They do have statuary of mass destruction

I’m sharpening my broadsword,
and my chef’s knife.

Yeah, but we’d probably be Doping too much to save the world.

I see nothing irrational about that fear.

When did we become part of the Tour de France or MLB?


Dare I say it??

Don’t forget the bacon salt :smiley:

Neither do I.

Though it’s not so much a fear as a visceral OMG GIANT FUCKING SQUID!!! eew reaction. Which I play up for comic effect.