AIM Troubles

Like most teenage groups, my younger brother’s seventh grade class has a very active Aol Instant Messanger community. Several weeks ago, one of the boys started saying he and a girl he liked were going out, and spreading rumors that were generally untrue.

This boy has denied this, and claims someone has guessed is password. The school, being the over-involved administration they are, has sent out many emails about The Horror And Disgrace That Is Internet Fraud And How All Parents Should Talk With Their Children About This Calamity.

I am interested in trying to find the IP address of the perpatrator. Unfortunetly (sp?), all contact was in AIM, so there are no emails. Since the emails from the school have come out, nothing new has been said by whoever is using the boy’s account.

I have tried looking online for a solution to this, but with no luck.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Well, if this hacker guessed the password but didn’t change it, then the kid who was hacked should create a new password immediately, hopefully one like “n450xbrl1b87”, not “password” or “drowssap” or something. If the password has been changed, he should probably get a new SN.

And people should be generally suspicious of AIM anyway, since it’s obviously not the most secure method.

This has happened to his account before, but he didn’t change his password. Weakens his argument for claiming it was someone else.