i'm under attack (aol instant messenger)

so about a week or two ago, i started getting instant messenges from strangers that ended up being links to porn sites. it’s happened on occasion before, and i always just blocked the person and it went away. but now i am getting about 10 different people a day and it’s starting to really bother me.

is there any way to stop this problem? it’s always from the same 5 names or so with different numbers after, so these people have tons of handles…no matter how many times i warn and/or block them, they keep sending me more messenges.

if anyone knows how to stop this, i’ll be eternally grateful.

You can go into your settings and make it so that you only accept messages from members of your Buddy List. That’d be the easiest way.

Change your name, and make sure everybody who matters knows about it. It could be something as simple as adding a number to your screenname, but it should end the carnage.

Until they find the next name, that is.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but your name has somehow gotten onto a sucker list. Spammers trade/sell these lists among themselves. The most effective way of dealing with this is to switch to another screen name for a while. That might not be practical, however. Are you on AOL, or are you using AIM? There’s different methods of handling the spammers depending on which one you’re on.

i’m on instant messenger. and i thought of changing my name, but i’ve had it for a really long time and i really don’t want to part with it. dumb as that sounds. i might try accepting from only members on my buddy list.

aim, that is, not aol.

and thanks everyone!

Mine just started back up too. It seems to come in waves. I’ll get 5 or so a day for a week or two, then none for 3-4 months so normally I just ride it out.

Yeah, i just started getting several the last few days. Pain in the ass.