It’s dirt simple: You type in a pair of AIM screennames, and it tells you who’s more popular based on who’s online when you fight. Make sure to go up against all of your friends so you know exactly where you stand among them. :wink:

Sweet. I am way more popular than everyone I know. My top score was like 1144.


I got 2192. This seems quite sketchy.

Why does it seem sketchy? It’s explained under the What is AIMFight tab at the top. I only register a measly 1357. I’ll just pretend all my buddies are signed off right now (which a lot of them are actually). I lose the fight with all of my buddies. I only use AIM to talk to a few people though. Most of my friends on AIM are American and at college, so have hundreds of buddies.

I got a zero. Wow, I need more on-line friends.

27043, baby! Woo! Can anyone beat me?

And what, exactly, does this measure? Time online since my last sign off? Number of buddies on my list? What?

Oh, it says right there what it measures. :smack:

Well, I’m an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

This doesn’t make any sense. How does this program have access to everybody’s buddy list?

This doesn’t make any sense. How does this program have access to everybody’s buddy list?


I just noticed that the site is hosted by AOL. Now it makes sense.

Highest score I’ve seen so far 518,550, so don’t get too excited about yours.

I battled against my mother and she won :mad:

170 for me and 320 for her

wow i suck - 161

How do you see the number? When I try it, I get a bar chart and a declaration of who’s the winner, but no numbers.

Incidentally, TubaDiva seems to be a major contender.

The score should be right under the bar.

12,630! Not bad, not bad.

Well, yeah, SOMEONE out there has a higher score than me, but doI at least win the award for Doper with highest number? Please? Can I?

(incidently, I lost against several of my friends. One had 57,000, another 61,000, and the most of people I tested was a guy I know with 67,000. Still nothing compared to 518,000, though.)

You’ve got it so far.

Ah i thought my score of 33,000+ was good until I went against my girlfriend who has 180,133

I’ve got 3393