The Straight Dope Directory for AIM'ers (A MUST SEE!)

Okay Dopers, here it is, finally!
The ultimate AOL Instant Messenger Guide for SDMB’ers!

As you can see, nearly all of the submitted names from the various recent AIM threads are arranged here in an alphabetized master list! No more scrounging, surfing, or waiting to find who you want to talk to!

I tried to keep everything as accurate as possible, but it got a bit overwhelming. I put a lot of time and work into this. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of absolutely everyone’s AIM names, as some users may have changed them, or use multiples. Please pardon any errors. There are over 150 user names in my list! Enjoy!!!

The SDMB names appear on the left. Their corresponding AIM names appear to the right.

Ad Noctum		Ad Noctum SDMB
aenea			Aenea1
AETBOND417		aetbond417
AngelD112		gblzoo
Anniz			aanniz01
Arden Ranger		Arden Ranger
Badtz Maru		MonsignorDonkey
Baglady			Traveliter
beakerxf		BeakerSD
Bear_Nenno		bear nenno
blur			craigbart26
BornDodgy		borndoddgy
bouv			bouvier32
callie			Callie00004
Carina 42		McDnldCar
Catrandom		Enidkitty
Chimaera		DMS1066
chique			Rsandy MN
ChrisP One Kenobe	CandJPayne
Christina25		FairyGodmom27
Christina25		AmeliaEve72
Cisco			FortyOzToFreedom
Citygirl852		Sxylady852
Cyndar			MichelleRW1969
dantheman		SirHappy70
David bw1		Davidbw1
Deiket			Deiket Lady
Demigod#5		EvilToad
Democritus		Democritus90
DrainBead		DrainBead
drewbert		drewberte
DrewG27			lpdrew23
dustMagnate		dustmgnt
eirroc			muffyx2
Enright3		Enright3
Enright3		RobertMcCx
Erika			ErikaAtJ
Erika			ErikaAtJ
Eutychus55		Eutychus55
Evnglion		NGEvnglion
Fairy Princess Kitty	EhlanaQn
Fairy Princess Kitty	PrncsDanae
FairyChatMom		FairyChatMom
Falcon			CITAmy
FarrisGoldstein		FarrisGoldstein
FireUnderpantsBoobs	Punk Rock Annie
flyboy88		doglvr88
Freak Freely		FreaklyFree
freido			phriedo
Garden Elf		TeaRoseS
GaWd			TheFab1
Geobabe			rocksci5
Grace			GL Freak
Gravity			Gravith
grem0517		grem0517
Hamadryad		Hamadryad
HannibalV		HV Constat9
hesredbird		hesredbird
hypergirl		hyprgrl567
iampunha		erlidh
IndignantSarcasm	slyrlunainverse
IndignantSarcasm	jamiepku
inoci			inociroot
jjtm			Troy Mc Clure SF
Joe_Cool		joexcool
Joe_Cool		DKommisar
Johnathan Chance	Nate Wooley
Joyfulgirl		JoyfulGirl0713
JuanDeCuba		JaunDeCuba
JuanitaTech		JuanitaTec
Juniper200		Juniper200
Just A Girl		nonsequitur83
Just A Girl		GTBee14
kasuo			kasuo3
Kaz			KAZ 590
Kerrigan		Chickadee70932
Kvalluf			Kvalluf
Kyla			Kyla Sedai
Le Sang			Lord of Chagrin
lolagranola		lolagranolacan
longhair75		longhair75
Lsura			Lsura73
Lsura			MissBean73
Lucretia		Bluesman152
LunaSea			lunaseagoddess
MagicalSilverKey        MagicalSilverKey
maidenunicorn41		maidenunicorn41
MaryAnnQ		Time4atrim
Mauvaise		Muavaise3
mblackwell		coolmjb98
mblackwell		coolmjb98
Medea’s Child		Medeas Child
Mercutio		President Brown
Michi			ERKittynurse
Monster104		Monster104
MsWhatsit		MissWhich
Myrr21			Myrr21
MysterEcks		MysterEcks
Nocturne		KatyaLennon
obfusciatrist		obfusciatrist
OpalCat			OpalCat
Osip			OsipMand
Palmyra			Kahlo
Pammipoo		Pinkpammi
Pammipoo		Kinkepkini
Pepperlandgirl		Slacktasia
pcubed			Marypete79
Persephone		demetersdautr67
pipefitter		pipeinsocket
pipefitter		lelajoie
pricciar		pricciar
psycat90		psycat90
Pucette			LewdMinx	
Punoqllads		Punoqllads
purplebear		bearlypurple
Qixotica		Qixotica
Quadzilla		LinzCook
racinchikki		GoRacin21
Rasa			Rasa23
Raven255		greenberet786
rayniday		rayn315
red_dragon60		reddragon60
Rich G7subs		G7SUBS1
robgruver		flickreview2000
rockstar		Bicuspidtuba
Rosebud			mmeow4000
Rosebud			TofuRose
SanibelMan		SanibelMan1
Sapphire Bullet		amiatagrl
Sapphire Bullet		zorak32877
Screeme			Screeme18
Screeme			Screeme602
Serendipity		Saratoga JT
SexyWriter		SxyWriter2
Shadowfox		shadowfoxD
Shanin			Shanin281
Silo			AnTiFLuXX
Silver Fire		slvrfire19
Simetra			Tuestmort
SINsApple		SINs Apple
sk8rixtx		sk8rixtx
sk8rixtix		impulseD08
Skümmet			Skummmet
SmoothOperator		smoothOprtr1st
Soda			Swede Soda
SoulFrost		SoulFrost
ssskuggiii		ssskuggiii
StephenG		SaintGabby
SterlingNorth		davenportias
Surgoshan		Surgoshan
The Mermaid		cindismojo
TheNerd			noophage
tiggeril		tiggeril
Totoro			LocaLPanda
TPWombat		TPWombat
TPWombat		HoodedMonk
Tristan			HouseWintermark
Trouble Again		TroublCat
TruePisces		Stasia747
Tyklfe			ilmcmwaomhnr
ultress			ultress13
UncleBill		UncleBill35
ValerieBlaise		VBlasec
Vestal Blue		Vestal Blue
voguevixen		VogueVixen
wacky ninja		ztivokreb
Weirddave		Weirdddave
Welfy			Welf Star
Wicked Blue		BluTwylite
Xploder                 Xploder1269
Zoing			Flamingo Piece
Zyada			ZyadaTX

[Edited by TubaDiva on 04-18-2001 at 09:38 AM]

when someone with too much time on their hands includes you on their list. :smiley: I feel the love.

You’re sick.

Good job!

I know I’m new, but add me! CaliSteph6, I’m always online and always bored, and I have creative away messages!!

I would be most grateful if you’d add ryoushisnake to the archives.

I forgot to mention something important! I encourage everyone to please consider upgrading their AOL Instant Messenger software. It is absolutely free. The most current version is 4.3.2229

If you don’t know how or where to upgrade go to

Have fun everyone!

D’oh, I just realized something… I hope I didn’t make a boo-boo with posting the above quoted post. It could seem like an advertisement. I apologize, mods, if this was a no-no!

It just seems a lot people have neglected to update their software and are missing out on many of the cool new features.

Please, don’t hurt me!

MSK, if I might be permitted to make a few corrections . . .

BornDodgy		borndodgy
Drain Bead              Drain Bead
Geobabe			RockSci5
Hamadryad		I Hamadryad
MsRobyn			*
red_dragon60		red dragon60

*MsRobyn’s is available upon email request for such; as it’s her actual name, she doesn’t give it out online, unless I missed something.

And at some point I’m most likely going to switch AIM to iampunha from erlidh. Y’all were warned.

Just a thought, but you spelled my screenname wrong. You switched a couple of letters.

Ah, the curse of the Yellow Pages people…the constant need to update…

My AIM is PADyno. As if anyone cares :wink:

Mwahahahaha… none of you bastards know MY handle!!!

Huh? What?

It’s in my profile?

Oh… nevermind.

Anyway, Mr. Silver Key… I would recommend updating the list to provide USEFUL information, like who’s available for cybersex and who isn’t (note: I’m not).

I am! :wink:

How YOU doin’? :wink:

D’oh! Sorry Pammipoo.

I’m a little bothered about this . . . I assume this information is available to all AIM members, it’s just a matter of going and searching for it?

If so, perhaps it’s not so bad . . . but I’m always leery of posting information without the consent of the parties involved.

Any objections to leaving this thread? I’ll remove it if necessary.

your humble TubaDiva

Tuba, as far as I know, having been an AIM user for a few years now, AOL is more than happy to barrage you with any new feature, especially the ones that you can pay them for. They tell you when there’s a new version . . . and it’s not that difficult to find 'em anyway, off the main site.

If, however, you’re talking about info in the sense of various people’s screen names . . . those who don’t have an actual profile, theoretically you can’t find them unless you happen to correctly guess their SN. Others of us who do have profiles are searchable.

TubaDiva. I’m assuming this list was compiled based on a thread that was posted a while back asking everyone to share their AIM name (hehe… AIM name) if they wanted to.

Just in case you were worried. :slight_smile:

O Loquacious Chocolate-Lover,

All of the above screen names were culled not from people’s profiles or other searches, but from the AOL Messenger Thread. The people whose AIM and SD names are listed, presumably, posted in that thread for the purpose of allowing other Dopers to get in touch with them on AIM. MSK, I’m sure, isn’t posting information that wasn’t already given; he’s just taken the time to put it into one neat table for us lazy louts.

I say bravo, MSK!!

How 'punha knows my handle was listed incorrectly I don’t know, since he’s never talked to me…but I would like to clarify that it is “I space Hamadryad,” not “I underbar Hamadryad”…and while it looks like an Asimovian construct, it’s just that Hamadryad wasn’t available and I didn’t want to be Hamadryad7878.

Not that anyone cares. Have a good one.

Actually, I have no objection to this thread, but I’d like only the TroublCat ID being shown. Thanks for compiling it, though, MSK.