The Alll new Improved Instant Messenger List

We did this quite a while back but it’s been so long and we have such a lot of new people here I figgered it was about time to do it again? If you feel like letting other Doers know what your Instant Meesenger handles are, post them here! Also I think it might be interesting to list whether you do any webcamming as well.
Mine :

AIM Euty55
Yahoo Pressmanslim (w/webcam)
MSN (none)
ICQ 32080783

Oh, I’m a Doer. Sometimes I’m a Want-to-Doer, though. Sometimes I’m more of a Procrastinator. I’m also occasionally a Forgot-to-Doer.

AIM SirHappy70

Incidentally, a good rule of thumb for this thread might be that if you’re going to IM someone from here whom you’ve never IMd before, please say you’re from the SDMB in your first message. Some of us have a tendency to delete unfamiliar IMs…

By the way, here’s an old thread we did on this, although it was just for AIM/AOL people.

(I know there was one for ICQ, but it’s a wee difficult to search for “ICQ.”)


Yahoo: theloadeddog
ICQ: 23051673

If you can’t guess, I am the MonkeyMule, DUH :stuck_out_tongue:

AIM: ArmadilloMaximus
Yahoo: nick_tolman_1986 (No webcam)

This one?

ICQ 1820996 (authorize only so be patient :slight_smile:
yahoo tanzorie
AIM hubbasally (It is a long story of trying login names and getting nowhere for almost half an hour!)
I always get booted off of yahoo too! grr

Yahoo! Messenger: Mike8
MSN Messenger:

Identify yourself as a fellow Doper when attempting to add me, or you ain’t getting past the dogs, Jack. :smiley:

AIM: electronicXchaos
Yahoo: xmorrandirx

AIM: Actinistia

I’m on AOL, with the screen name Atreyu Kin.

FYI: There is a client called GAIM that connects to all major instant message clients:

Has versions for both Windows and Linux (and maybe more platforms)

AIM is ultress1345

Yahoo: barndawe (sometimes cam)
MSN: (auth only)
aim: ollydawe

there’s also another multi-connect program called trillian at

ICQ: 16194959

My ICQ is set to authorise-only, so please let me know you’re from the SDMB!

On AIM: KerriRuperd
On Yahoo: Steenkie

Feel free to add me, and chat me up when you see me.

AIM: robsmasher
Yahoo: robert_gruver_2000

I am usually around, and love to chat with just about anyone who has anything intellgent to talk about.

ICQ: 19069068 (Authorize only, and I rarely use)

Feel free to add me. If I’m not there I’ll (usually!) have an away message up