Air Bags and the repair shop.

I would like to know is if I take my car to the dealer or a shop to have other work done will they make me have the airbag system working before I can take my car home?

three possibilities:

  1. They won’t notice/care. (especially if the work is unrelated to the steering column/electronics i.e. muffler replacement)

  2. They will refuse to work on it. (liability)

  3. They will make you sign a waiver stating that you knew the SRS was disabled when you brought it in and that they are not responsible for … (most likely)

I can’t think of any way they can withhold your property from you regardless of its condition. I suggest you call ahead (anonymously) and ask the service manager if you’re really concerned.

note: depending on your location, it may be illegal to disconnect/disable the SRS w/o written permission from the NTSB. Check w/ the local DMV (again anonymously).